New Map Additions - Suggestions

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  1. New Map Additions - Suggestions

    A few people where getting slightly restless today with PropHunt so thought I'd try a little experiment and had a little fun switching to some None-PH maps. Nothing major, just the standard arena maps. It seems some of them work quite well and are wanted by everybody who was there, others... not so much.

    Since the vast majority of regular Prop-Hunters hate Offblast, perhaps the most wanted maps can be added to the rotation with Offblasts removal?

    Nucleus/Watchtower/Granary/Well - With all of them being completely empty of props.. well, I don't really need to say anything else do I? Nucleus was good for a few laughs though.

    Badlands - The first map that had potential but I couldn't really find out how much potential since it would only spawn Control Points. It had a lot good feedback with the only real complaint being the Control Point only props and a few comments about the size. Since I lack the know-how of Hammer, I had a talk with Austria about it because he mentioned he could edit it to make it better. I'm sure opening up two small sections at each end under the water area would rid it of any complaints.

    Ravine - I'm not quite sure why it isn't on the rotation already. Everything loaded fine when selected. Props where randomized okay and there was no glitches or problems anywhere. I tried it out earlier today when the server had 5v5 with the Props winning most rounds. Not too long ago I tried it when the server was full and it seemed to be okay. I'm thinking anything under 10 players will be great for it. I was a little worried about the size since it's a very small map, but the time limit of 1:30 works pretty much flawlessly with the last few games I've been spectating coming so close to Pyros winning.

    At the moment of typing this it's 10v10 with Props leading 6 games to 1.

    Lumberyard - I was pretty much gang-raped with yes answers when I asked if I should suggest it to be added. Again it suffered from the same Control Point prop issues as Badlands but apart from that, it was all good. I've always wondered why this wasn't on the GM servers since I've seen a few videos on Youtube for it. Why exactly isn't it up?

    - So I found this on a Russian Prop Hunt server and I was playing it with Carol and Betty. How come we don't have this either? It's a pretty slick map. Lots of hiding places, lots of places where props can dodge and duck around if they're found so they can hide again.
  2. Fun fact - Ravine, Nucleus and Lumberyard were almost responsible for prophunt dying in the first ~48 hours. :P

    Desolation - didn't we remove that?

    And badlands along with the rest don't have a prop list config :P
  3. I can understand with Nucleus since there's 0 props anywhere on the entire map except for some yellow barrels down the side of the stairs.

    Lumberyard/Ravine - How so were they responsible for that? I don't recall them ever being available for selection. Then again, most of the early days of PH it was Sawmill, Sawmill, Sawmill... So I may of missed them ;>
    They both got good reception when I switched to them, especially Lumberyard, apart from the CP issue. If Lumberyard had a prop list I'm pretty sure I could get better responses about it, nudge nudge wink wink.

    Desolation - Again, I've never seen it on the GM PH servers. I played it for the first time on a Russian server yesterday and everything seemed to be good.

    They're all better then Offblast anyway =3
  4. Geit Coding wizard!

    Desolation was removed because it used to crash the server. - it can probably be re-added.

    The other ones are all quite boring after a few rounds, or too small. We'll think about it.
  5. When I was originally coding/testing it, it was a bit meh, entirely because of those maps. I'm so glad I discovered sawmill and got remotivated :P

    Also sawmill is still by far my favourite prophunt map.
  6. Ah, I see. Interesting...
    I'm rather fond of Storm and Sawmill~

    If not including it on the PH map rotation, would you be able to upload a prop list for Lumberyard so I could switch to it from time to time if people vote it~? Ravine isn't too bad of a map providing it has a medium/low player count.
  7. Any updates~? =>
  8. Just popping in to say no problems at all with Desolation. No crashes, zero prop glitches, everything runs smooth.

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