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  1. new mouse

    i wanted to buy a new gaming mouse i think i take the logitech mx518
    so i thought it would be nice to buy in uk because i wont pay much
    anybody knows a cheap shop in uk?
  2. Ash

    Re: new mouse is where I get most my computer parts or check the sellers on sometimes you can get a good deal from the third party sellers.

    Mouse im using the moment is a Saitek Cyborg doesn't have huge hype like most mice etc but I think its really nice.. 3200dpi.. has DPAD with 4 bindable buttons and 3 extra mouse buttons, control on bottom to stiffen the mouse wheel and it does this:


    Some people say its garbage.. i have a Fatal1ty 1010 lazer as well and my brother has a Logitech G5 and a razer deathadder and i prefer this one over all 3 of them.. and its cheaper then all of them :)
  3. Re: new mouse

    I like my razer copperhead personally, I just got one off ebay for under £30 new. I broke my last one with game rage and now it inly double clicks and I cant hold down fire lol.
  4. Fromage "The Cheese"

    Re: new mouse


    MX518 is really good and cheap.

    Off topic, Wooo_Maker:

    GTO rules :mrgreen:

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  5. Re: new mouse

    just buy yourself a A4 X7 its cheap and effective as every gaming mouse in the market.
  6. Fromage "The Cheese"

    Re: new mouse

    Or buy one of these... headshot...headshot...headshot :mrgreen:

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  7. Re: new mouse

    ahah so thats how u do it... well ill stick to my wii remote, works like a charm
  8. Re: new mouse

    also try ebay UK site, and see some products, some sellers will accept overseas buyers

    I use a £20 Logitech LX8 Cordless Laser Mouse

    Some say it not a gaming mouse, but it works just fine for me.
  9. Knud Phat beats only

    Re: new mouse

    I'm using a trackball for gaming :D

    But I also have some Logitech G5 laying inside a box and at work I sometimes use a Razor Lachasis, both quite okay too.
  10. Re: new mouse

    I use the Cyber Snipa Stinger, you can get it from Amazon for £40 or Ebay for £30

  11. Re: new mouse

    thanks guys
    just buyed the mx518 at amazon
    had the mx510 before but thze wire is kind of broken :?
  12. Re: new mouse

    G5 + 2000dpi + 3.0 Sensitivity = Perfect 8-)

    Now if only I had a G5 v2... :(
  13. Knud Phat beats only

    Re: new mouse

    Version 2? Never know there was any....

    How to recognize that one? Mine is still in the box (got it from logitech directly :P )
  14. Re: new mouse

    Red/'Rust' coloured top and smooth sides = V1

    Blue coloured top, mottled sides and much nicer buttons = V2
  15. Re: new mouse

    dark have you done all the tweaks in windows and set point, feels a little weird at first but it make your aim about 100% better than without changing the settings. things like disabling windows mouse acceleration and setting polling to 1000 rather than the default 500. if you want a hand with it all give me a shout i guarantee it will improve anyone's aim.

    btw i have the g5 v2 as my g7 v2 died well the wireless did so i went back to a cabled version.
  16. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: new mouse

    V2 has 2 buttons on the left side, V1 has 1. and the V1 also has a scroll wheel problem.
    I got a V1, its good but sometimes you gotta smash your scroll wheel to get it working properly :S
  17. Re: new mouse

    Never actually had any problems with my V1, other than the thumb button not really 'clicking' when you press it (although it does work) and it's just about possible to make the mouse wheel move without it actually moving to a different notch, but you'd have to actually consciously do it.
  18. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Re: new mouse

    G5 2nd revision FOR THE WIN !!!!!!!!!!

    I am using that mouse for 3 months now, so weet, and imo better then the MX518 i had before .... Logitech is da win !
  19. Re: new mouse

    This thread makes me want to buy a new mouse :|

    I'll be looking for a new gaming mouse after i finsih building my old computer(with new parts in) :P
  20. Re: new mouse


    pure sex.
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