New parts help!

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  1. New parts help!

    I've decided that I can't wait until July to upgrade my pc (plus my parents are buying some of my old ones off me for £50 which doesn't hurt :D ), so shiny new ones are required.

    I need a new CPU and motherboard, and I've narrowed the CPU down to:

    Phenom II X3 720
    Athlon II X4 605e

    I need to balance power consumption and performance, hence the (possibly) slightly unusual choice of processors.

    Motherboard-wise I'm still a bit screwed though, as I need an AM2+ board in order to get some cheap DDR2 but I've no idea where to start looking. Figured someone here might have one or know of a decent one they could recommend.

    So, any suggestions?
  2. x3 720
  3. I've decided to go with this:

    Gigabyte GA-M720-US3

    Kingston KVR 800Mz HyperX DDR2 4GB (2 x 2GB)

    Processor is still up in the air but leaning more towards the X4 605e because of the massively lower power consumption and slightly better video encoding performance. The X3 720 would do better in games but not enough to justify the higher power drain, especially as the only games I play on it are TF2, (soon) L4D2 and maybe BC2.

    Just got to wait for payday and it can all be ordered :D

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