New Pyro weapon "axtinguisher"

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  1. New Pyro weapon "axtinguisher"

    For the ones of you who dont read the steam news ;)

    "We've almost completely wrapped up the next big release for Team Fortress 2, which will focus on the Pyro class, along with the Meet the Sniper movie. We've spent time looking at how the recent Medic release went, and have rolled feedback from that release into the new item designs for the Pyro and into the design of the achievements required to unlock those items. One item, shown here in concept form, will be the Axtinguisher. Although it does about half of normal damage to standard run-of-the-mill non-burning enemies, once you light someone on fire the Axtinguisher will guarantee a critical hit.

    Along with all of the new content, we're also going to be making some significant changes to the Pyro class for everyone, regardless of whether they have unlocked any new items."

    concept pic:
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  2. Re: New Pyro weapon "axtinguisher"

    Cool, imho they should they focus on the character class upgrades rather than useless movies though.
  3. Re: New Pyro weapon "axtinguisher"

    ey, the class movies are TEH SHIT! I wonder how they will do the Sniper ;)
  4. Re: New Pyro weapon "axtinguisher"

    Just remember folks, it's in Valve Time, so give it a week or two.
    The videos have been quite funny but really now, sniper? :lol: Prepare for the most boring moments of Intertubes.

    A colorful dot sweeping walls for 50 seconds.. "Oh hai! I'm sniper, I point & click pew pew! No worries!"
  5. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: New Pyro weapon "axtinguisher"

    One would hope that only 2 or 3 people work on the movies (minus voice actors) and the rest work on the update.

    Although I hate snipers, so this video will probably increase my hate.

    Let's hope for a beta push in the next 2 weeks :)
  6. Re: New Pyro weapon "axtinguisher"

    i bet he will swear like in the game :P
  7. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: New Pyro weapon "axtinguisher"

    I was surprised when the scout swore, Honestly didn't expect that on a VALVe marketing video.

    Ahh I remember the days when SWG only used to get updates every 4 months :(

    Now it gets up to 2 a month :D

    Sadly, i dont play anymore, But one can dream can't they. ;)
  8. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: New Pyro weapon "axtinguisher"

    Well, yes, he did swear, but it is bleeped out, so you don't really hear it. Of course, we all know what he said, don't we! It was totally in keeping with the scout's persona, though, imho.

    The scout is a tough kid from the mean streets of Boston, and that's how someone like him would talk. If he didn't use the kind of language that he does, the character simply would not have the same credibility and genuineness that it does.

    To me, that is a big part of the real genius behind TF2: each class/character has a distinct and believable personality that is consistent with its emotions, taunts, appearance, etc. (A fascinatingly insightful discussion of this can be found here.) When you consider the amount of thought and consideration that went into creating the characters, it is not surprising at all that, brudder, where the scout comes from, you would be fucking dead.

    Personally, I can hardly wait for the Sniper video. Even though I'm no fan of the sniper in-game, I'm sure it will be -- like all the other "Meet the Character" videos -- exceptionally well-rendered, well-written, and well-acted.
    *drools with anticipation* :P

  9. Bun

    Re: New Pyro weapon "axtinguisher"

    Woah, that weapon looks deadly.
    Meet the sniper will be great, it's valve people. So I don't think they just do a frag video with point and click. :3
  10. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: New Pyro weapon "axtinguisher"

    I never said I didn't understand why he did it, It was just slightly surprising the first time I watched it ;)
  11. Re: New Pyro weapon "axtinguisher"

    cool axe, I wonder what the other weapons gonna be?

    so they already showed you what the axe gonna look like

    flamethrower- fire spread out longer? or double flamthrowers?

    the shotgun might be a double shotgun similar to the scout gun maybe?

    not much though
  12. Re: New Pyro weapon "axtinguisher"

    fire traps (the Soldier should get claymores, would be awesome. lol)
    molotov cocktails, HARR

  13. Re: New Pyro weapon "axtinguisher"

    Good guesses, although I believe the achievement weapons are and will always be over-the-top and overpowered when used correctly.
    So for Pyro, get ready for an automatic shotgun which shoots nuclear waste and cursewords! That and a gigantic blowtorch of awesomeness.
  14. Re: New Pyro weapon "axtinguisher"

    Front paged (new verb rofl)
  15. Re: New Pyro weapon "axtinguisher"

    hmm when will it come out ?
  16. Bun

    Re: New Pyro weapon "axtinguisher"

    Yes it will. <.<
  17. Re: New Pyro weapon "axtinguisher"

    prepare for the game to be butchered and unbalanced again as everyone rushes pyro once the update is released. the medic update didnt kill my love for the game just my will to play it.
  18. Re: New Pyro weapon "axtinguisher"

    gonna be Heavy/Soldier/Demo/Engie only, lol
  19. Bun

    Re: New Pyro weapon "axtinguisher"

    Well, the pyro isn't like the medic. The medic has a special "job". The pyro is just to kill kill kill.
  20. Re: New Pyro weapon "axtinguisher"

    yes, and it will suck. I wont uber a single pyro, lol. Just telling them GO and so on. Pyro < Sentries < Demoman.

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