New server #5: Maps

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Which maps should we have on the new server #5?

  1. 2fort / Dustbowl rotation

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  2. Dustbowl / Goldrush rotation

  3. Badlands 24/7

  4. 2fort 24/7

  5. Official and popular custom maps rotation

  1. Th-

    New server #5: Maps

    We intend to get another server due to popularity of the current ones which has us wait quite a bit before joining. Vote your preferred server maps and maybe tell us why that is your choice. Should you have other options in mind than the listed ones, feel free to suggest them here.

    Personally I would like to see server #5 as a rotation of mixed official and popular custom maps since they are a ton of fun and would bring much needed variety to our server choices.
  2. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: New server #5: Maps

    Voted for Badlands because it's my favorite map, and when I'm not on our servers, I'm on servers that offer Badlands. :D
    Yes, I occasionally go to non-GM servers. :shock:
    Well, when it is 5 a.m. in the UK, it is midnight in my land. And guess how many people are on the GM servers at that time? ;)

    Part and parcel with what Th said, is that we GM clan members have to make a concerted effort to fill the servers. I've tried doing that with the "epic fun" server and no one wants to play "Arena - Cow." So when we do set up server #5, with whatever map we vote on, Please do your part in supporting it. Thanks.

    - I
  3. Re: New server #5: Maps

    Yeah badlands is cool Nomad, ill support you in your quest. :)
  4. Re: New server #5: Maps

    Rotation will be fairest. But I would like maps not only official.

    Will be how many places? :D If only a lot not too. I suggests 24. :D
  5. Re: New server #5: Maps

    I like 2fort :3
  6. Re: New server #5: Maps

    i voted the last option
    i like badlands but 24/7 is TOO much of the same
    i mean
    you will basicly be playing the same map over and over and over again (because it's a mirrored map)
    at leats in DB and GL you have 3 different stages each having 2 different sides, giving 6 different matches each time

    should you guys go with badlands then perhaps throw in one or two other mirrored CP maps, for some variation
  7. Re: New server #5: Maps

    Arena Cow is epic :D
  8. Re: New server #5: Maps

    I voted for "Official and popular custom maps rotation" I know we tried this before.

    but we should aim at more official maps, cos ppl dont like waiting for the custom maps to dl.

    oh and 24 players for this vote.
  9. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: New server #5: Maps

  10. Knud Phat beats only

    Re: New server #5: Maps

    Official and popular custom maps rotation

    There are a lot of cool maps (official and custom ones) out there. It's fun to play some other maps as well, besides Dustbowl and Arena_cow.

    (But I used to play 2Fort alot too....)
  11. Re: New server #5: Maps

    "Official and popular custom maps rotation" wins :D
  12. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: New server #5: Maps

    I'd LOVE a 24/7 2fort, first map I ever played. and its my third favourite map xD
  13. Re: New server #5: Maps

    it seems we all played 2fort in our first time on tf2. and db wasnt popular that time i remembered :?
  14. Re: New server #5: Maps

    Up until I joined GM, all I played was 2fort and dustbowl - option 1 ftw :D
  15. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: New server #5: Maps

    You're allowed to change your vote, people. ;)
  16. Th-

    Re: New server #5: Maps

    The good thing about rotation is that we can play 2fort, Dustbowl and Badlands every now and then and still have it as a rotation. This would satisfy most people according to the vote. On the other hand if we had only 1-2 maps it would only be preferred by maybe 1/3 of voters.
  17. Re: New server #5: Maps

    Idea beguile.

    Server can duel_duel2. 12 Places.
  18. Re: New server #5: Maps

    yeh i think adding 2fort to the server would be good add some variety to the game :)
  19. Re: New server #5: Maps

    2fort is epic map, i wish there was "rock" map from tfc...
  20. Knud Phat beats only

    Re: New server #5: Maps

    The only issue I personally had with 2Fort was... if you don't play as a team... it's really boring and it is taking for ever to even win a point.
    (Of course you need team work, but when I started TF2... (End of 2007) not everyone was good at that game and all played engineer and built alot of sentries and stupid teleports, just for points)

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