New server coming up: Sprout modpack

Discussion in 'Minecraft' started by Queenie, 22 Jul 2017.

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    UPDATE (included modlist)

    A few of us have been talking about a new Minecraft server and @Mysteryem has found a very new pack that looks like a lot of fun. It's called Sprout and it's mainly about exploration.

    I will post a list of all the mods as soon as I can as well as server info.


    Also maybe very good to mention that it is a very challenging pack. Since it's brand spankin new there is not a lot of info on how to play. Just be careful and maybe watch some YT vids for helpful tips! There is also a fair bit of RP in this mod as well. I know some people always liked that.

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    Sounds fun :D
  4. I look forward to playing on it :D
  5. Much excitement!
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  6. Queenie Don't tell me what to do!!!

    I have updated the first post with a list of the mods included in this pack.

    I have also played a fair bit this weekend to get the feel of it and since this is probably one of the most challenging packs we have played, I'd suggest that fairly newish players (or not hardcore players) team up with somebody. I think a lot might be put off because it's pretty difficult but as a team your chances of survival should be really good!
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    Change it...

    No dont
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  12. is the Sprout server still up?
  13. @Rain Wolf I believe so. Here is the IP:

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