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Yes or No?

  1. Yeah, with three new teams.

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  2. Yeah, with four new teams.

  3. No, no more teams.

  1. New Teams

    Ok, I´ve got a idea for the clan.

    At the moment we have got 18 member in a team, so there are 32 member without any team, everyone of this 32 has about one clanwar per month.

    There is the idea to make three or four new times. Either two 10vs10 and one 12vs12 or four 8vs8 teams (which I would prefer).

    The clanleader would ask four clan member, if they want to be a squad leader. Then clanmember who want to be together in a team can signup together for a team and will be put in the team they signed up for if it is possible. If the clan leader don´t want to do this work I can do it, too.

    So what do you think? Yeah, or No?

    edit: What I have forgot: The squad leaders would organize their teams. Not the clan leaders.
  2. Re: New Teams

    If someone wants a team, they should be leader.. and start getting some members.

    Not realy that much to talk about :)
  3. Re: New Teams

    KennethJ summed it up nicely.
  4. Re: New Teams

    ok, what i want is this:
    - (there will be some news soon ;))
    - I would like everyone to think about playing HIGHLANDER 9v9. There is a damn nice league in America, and if anyone of you guys knows an EUROPEAN one, i sign us up there.

    We could put in like 15 players there, as not all can play at all times, the american one has a match every monday, it rocks.
  5. Re: New Teams

    More teams = more work for me :cry:

    Please let's make 5 the limit :P

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