nginx - Our new webserver

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  1. nginx - Our new webserver

    First post on nginx :D

    After countless epic fails from Lighttpd, I'm currently porting everything we had on Apache (auth, rewrites, redirects etc.) to nginx, which is so far showing very promising performance.

    Solid 0% CPU usage on both nginx.exe and php-cgi.exe compared to Apache's 10-15% isn't bad :P

    Actually our only CPU usage at 6am as I write this is from Diskeeper taking advantage of the completely idle cpu :D

    @Shadiku - your .htaccess won't work any more - bug me on steam if you want it ported to nginx :)

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    Re: nginx - Our new webserver


    But I've been getting alot of 502 errors when browsing the site.
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    Re: nginx - Our new webserver

  4. Re: nginx - Our new webserver

    Imgkk was still using PHP to serve its images (which crashes FastCGI continually) until just now. :)
  5. Re: nginx - Our new webserver

    Upped the number of child processes in FastCGI to allow for 10,000 simultaneous requests (1000 seemed to make it crash a lot :/) so hopefully there won't be any more 502/504 errors :)

    Also I've added that non-www to www. redirect we had on Apache :)

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