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Discussion in 'Trackmania' started by Gaw, 27 Feb 2013.

  1. Gaw discord is my friend now

    TrackMania² Canyon will let you experience the fun and adrenaline of racing stunning cars on sensational tracks in a major enhanced sequel to Nadeo Studio’s online racing phenomenon TrackMania, already enjoyed by millions of players. TrackMania² Canyon goes far beyond traditional driving games with racing in a fully customizable world of tracks generated and powered by players themselves!

    TrackMania² Stadium is the comeback of the « Stadium » environment enjoyed by millions of players with TrackMania Nations Forever, this time as part of the ManiaPlanet environment allowing for improved services around the game, better graphics and powerful track editor. TrackMania² Stadium is a whacky, crazy and fast paced take on the racer genre.

    ShootMania Storm is revolutionizing the multiplayer FPS by adding a community dimension and unlimited replayability. Alone, or in a team, enter the arena of your choice: maps, modes and rankings, you are free to play as you like and take part in the ShootMania community as it suits you. Earn the respect of your opponents by improving your ranking, winning eSports competitions or creating your own incredible gaming experiences.

    Note: Old keys activate on Steam! Search your email for 'Maniaplanet'
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  2. Vipar GM Copymachine

    I find Shoot Mania kind of meh :S
  3. Been wanting to try one of these games. Any recommendations for which one to begin with? Personal favorites?
  4. Vipar GM Copymachine

    Trackmania games are good.
  5. If I can play Trackmania Nations Forever for free, why would I pay money for these?
  6. canyon has pretty graphics
  7. imFree (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    Perty graphics you say?
  8. Bagman Some cunt on the internet

    the Trackmania craze kinda died out already, so it's a bit late to get on Steam?
  9. Yeah I wouldn't buy it at this stage unless it makes a miraculous recovery (doesn't appear to have done so yet, was about 50 people online last night when I tried it)
  10. Gaw discord is my friend now

    Yeah, very possible it'll pick back up now though. They promised a whole lot with the Trackmania 2 series and all they've done is release one separate standalone, shit game. The (albeit very good) modding community alone wasn't able to keep it as popular as it once was. Wouldn't recommend buying it right now.

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