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    Oi GM!

    You lot need another frag video, i say CORE, waebi, t3rribl3on3 and anyone else than can make videos should all work together to make one big lovely one :) like you could filter it through each person or you could just spend a few hours each week working together to edit it or you could make 3 parts and stick them together, either way i think it would be great and I would love to watch it :D
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    if you go out, get some nice sticky trap kills and record it (pug/pcw) and send me the demo, i will :P

    too many "if's" i know.
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    Re: Oi GM!


    How about we simplify this ALOT forget about pugs and people recording demos.

    Someone record the SourceTV for each match and send it to Waebi and you take out the good kills and then you work with the rest of the video editors and make a video

    maybe do this over the next few months?
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    sourcetv is fail. You always see the player's name midscreen and the hitboxes are FRICKIN MESSED UP. Believe me, it looks BAAAD in case you snipe/whatever on PERSONAL demos, but stv is worse for this :P

    stv for spec - personal demos for videos. kthx.
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    Re: Oi GM!

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    but it's fine for spec as i said, and for reviewing you as player. But if you want to be in a frag vid, go for a personal demo.
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    Re: Oi GM!

    hehe i wish i had demo'd that bball match with YO! pissmidget core spyko and bamm was great fun and i landed like 5 mid airs :)
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    Re: Oi GM!

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    k then, gonna copy them over :P
    but dunno which one of the MAANY it is. Hell.
    edit: uuhkaay, done...
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    Re: Oi GM!

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    =) yea that bball was guud. wud be gd to get a vid of some pyro tennis aswell!

    tarded question... how do u record/what program to use to edit? wud love to get some melee/kritz streaks =D Boink! POW!
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    Re: Oi GM!

    type "record <filename>" without the "'s in console and replace <filename> with what you want to call the demo.

    To stop type "stop"

    I think :?

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