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  1. omghai2u

    Hai everyone. ^^ Thought I'd finally get around to registering on the forums and say hello. [= Been playing on your servers quite a bit, first server I joined when I started playing tf2 a few months ago. :lol: I usually run around as a medic, so hopefully look forward to bumping into more people from the GM community. ^^

    p.s. complementary medic music video:
  2. Reverend lame

    Re: omghai2u

    hi kitty :-* :P :)

    cool video :lol:
  3. Bun

    Re: omghai2u

    Hey Kitty, welcome to the forum. :D
  4. Re: omghai2u

    Hi kitty, enjoy playing in servers.
  5. Re: omghai2u

    Hai kitty, glad to see you in the clan, execellent medic ;)
  6. Re: omghai2u

    [evilvampiresquirrel] WELCOME :D [/evilvampiresquirrel]

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