Once again, another "build-a-pc" topic

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Longbow, 19 Jul 2009.

  1. Longbow Victorique <3

    Once again, another "build-a-pc" topic

    First off, you should all know i am a Noob when it comes to PC components...

    I've decided to (hopefully) get a new PC this christmas. This time a decent one capable of giving me more than 20fps on TF2 >_>

    It should fit 3 requirements:

    1) Be a gaming computer,
    2) Be powerful without sucking the life out of the plug sockets,
    3) In the price range of £500 - £1200,
    4) Be able to run for at least 10 hours straight (mixture of gaming and idleness) without exploding.
    optional) Custom built would be nice, but not necessary.

    I've done a bit of looking around but looking at this kind of stuff hurts my head :suicide:

    All i want is some opinions on a good starting point so i can modify it from there if need be.
  2. Re: Once again, another "build-a-pc" topic

    if u want it for christmas, wait
  3. Re: Once again, another "build-a-pc" topic

    True, new hardware parts will be released until christmas and the prices will change ... so, recommend a PC now is pretty "useless" because I bet every slot will switch with another - newer - part of this hardware :)
  4. Longbow Victorique <3

    Re: Once again, another "build-a-pc" topic


    Fail on my behalf
  5. Knud Phat beats only

    Re: Once again, another "build-a-pc" topic

    Not fail, just a tip :)

    It's always good to start looking around.
    Maybe check bit-tech.net for some reviews + guides.
    That will give you some info to start with.
  6. Fromage "The Cheese"

    Re: Once again, another "build-a-pc" topic

    Waiting for price drops sucks though. Because the exchange rates changes, some components gets more expensive when some get cheaper its really hard to time right. Sure lots of new things will come til this winter but it doesn't have to affect the pricing that much. :) But if you can wait you should I guess, but there will always be new stuff and price changes to either way so..

  7. Re: Once again, another "build-a-pc" topic

    You may want to go on building PC that will be enough for few years - just like me.
  8. Fromage "The Cheese"

    Re: Once again, another "build-a-pc" topic

    But the one you designed was just overkill. :) I mean 1000 pound is enough to build a good pc that lasts a couple of years. Its better to upgrade a cheap PC than buy a PC for millions that will be like 75% of the price within a year. The technology is moving so fast that yesterday is already outdated.

  9. Re: Once again, another "build-a-pc" topic

    My almost 2-year-old £550 PC still plays normal TF2 games at ~200 fps and 32 player spamfests at 70-80 fps. :) (all high; no aa)

    It's got a 15-20%ish overclock on the cpu and graphics card though
  10. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Re: Once again, another "build-a-pc" topic

    Ye, just wait until 2-3 weeks before christmas, there will be a big ammount of price drops coming up ......

    The AMD Radeon HD5800 series is supposed to be realeased arround Fall + nVidia sure will react somehow, maybee with an earlier launch of the GTX 380 (which is rumoured to be a MONSTER of a graphics card, the specs sound insane !) or at least with a massive price drop ..... + there will be a bunch of other new products coming out this year (new Samsung HDDs for example <3) and a big ammount of regualry price-droping .....

    At this moment, 1200 pounds would be enough for a Core i7 920 / GeForce GTX 285 / 6 Gigs DDR3 Setup. + If you do it right and sped a bit of the money in good cooling you still can get more power with some overclocking ^^

    Christmas will be a nice time for me this year as well, im hungry for my first SSDs, im planing a little RAID0 with 2 Samsung SSDs as main drive with Win7 Ultimate x64 / Kubuntu parititions .... and some other things (just hope Intel will release their 32nm Hexa-Core procesors soon ...)
  11. Re: Once again, another "build-a-pc" topic

    Me too except mine is 7 years old.
  12. Re: Once again, another "build-a-pc" topic

    I got the AMD Radeon X 1300 Series. Pretty old one, so im guessing ill need to upgrade my computer aswell this christmas. Need more space, only got 320GB want 2TB.
    Need a few more ram, only got 1GB. Want like 3 maybe 4. new network card is also needed duo to we got higher speed in to the house.
    I allready got two Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.20GHz gussing its good ?
    Computer is from 2005.
    And i need a new powersupply aswell when im first at it.

    Have i coverd the most ?
  13. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Re: Once again, another "build-a-pc" topic

    -> Get a complete new one ?! :P
  14. Knud Phat beats only

    Re: Once again, another "build-a-pc" topic

    Yeah, its useless to upgrade a P4 pc.. That is really too old for modern games / waste of money to buy new VGA card (AGP!!) and stuff.

    You can buy decent gaming pc for about 500-600 pounds, depends on how much fancy specs you want or desire.
  15. Longbow Victorique <3

    Re: Once again, another "build-a-pc" topic

    Thanks for the input guys, i'll do some checking around later.

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