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  1. Overheating


    As some of you may of noticed recently i've been suddenly leaving servers and basicly its because ive been getting the dreaded bluse screens of death.

    I've checked and reinstalled all drivers, reseated everything in the case and still getting the BSOD so can noly assume it is the heat which has recently suddenly increased.

    My CPU is idling at 58° - 60° and hitting well over 80° when in game which inturn causes me to crash.

    Anyway i have today ordered some new Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound which arrives monday to try and help and also a Coolermaster RC-1100 Cosmos S "Sport" Silent Full Tower Case with two extra exhaust fans for the top of the case. (praying this helps with the cooling).

    One thing i wanted to ask though and if any of you know, how the hell do you remove the northbridge fan (used with Watercooling) on a M2N32 SLI Deluxe motherboard?

    I cant find anything on the net and i've lost the manual :(

    I need to remove this so i can get the Waterblock, fan and pump out of the old case.

    Any help guys would be great. ;) (or any further advise also would be much appreciated)
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    :shock: that's quite high. well i used to have this manufacturer fan on the cpu b4 and it was like 80°-90° when playing a game. idle at 50°
    then I notice the heat coming from the cpu and checked on the utilities tool, so

    I bought a OCZ Vendetta CPU Cooler, cut the sensors off. works like brilliant, i never get over 50° anymore. idle at 25°, 40° ingame.

    oh anyway i dont know much about about watercooling equipment, even though im planning to get it for my next pc(will find learn about it)
    as far i know it will come off, there gotta be way.

    I was wonder maybe it could be in virus on your pc, hidden in background? cause I never crash or get any problems with my overheating cpu b4 I installed my new cpu cooler.
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    Whatever you do, fix it before you play again. I once had a 7800GS card, it overheated once, BSOD and artifacts afterwards.
    I waved goodbye to my 300 euros :oops:
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    Re: Overheating

    Bennet, the Cosmos S is an awesome case ( I use it myself).. You don't say what GPU you have but unless it is a 9800GX2 or equivalent dual GPU card you should not be getting that heat as the dual 200mm fans should take care of it. Reseating your CPU should help if you have a home build, though I would also replace the stock cooler. Again, you do not say what your CPU is, but assuming LGA775 then I would recommend an Artic Cool Freezer Pro 7 CPU fan which you should be able to get for less than a tenner.
  5. Re: Overheating

    hey protantus,

    thanks for the reply ;)

    Im running a 6400+ AMD dual core at 3200 Mhz with a Coolermaster Aquagate S1 watercooling system for the CPU (not top of the range i know but entry level water cooling). MY GPU is a 8800 GTX.

    Any further advise would be great, cheers mate! ;)
  6. Re: Overheating

    your hitting that water cooled? jesus..

    You tweaked your voltages at all?


    When you put your thermal paste on did you put a blob on the center of the chip or did u spread it?
    if you spread it, then try putting 1/2 a pea sized ammount dead center. (Dont Sprerad.) then tighten you water block back down.

    When i first did mine it was ace, i removed chip and spread then the temp were awfull. realised my error repasted and all was ok.

    went from 80c to 30c idle just becase of a bit of paste not right.

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