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  1. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer


    Title should explain it all ........ PC dued AGAIN, this time really out of nowhere.

    I was playing TF2, Screen went black, PC lights were vanishing ..... wtf? Oh no!!!!

    Its too late now for a bigger analysis, but it seems that its fucked up :<

    Well, why making a thread about it ?! Donno, maybee for some QQ of mine
    ..... i hate computers >_<
  2. Re: PC: *Kabooom!!* GODFUCKINGDAMNIT

    Dude, what do you DO to these poor machines? You've got to have the highest failure rate of anyone I know - and this includes people spilling litres of drink inside cases. :/
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    oba u do appear to be a bit like the guy below

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    Ohhhh it is sad day! I'm guessing that you overclock to hell then? Proper cooling and all solid state capacitors are the first thing to check for... after that add awsm sauce and you're good to go :3

    I think it's his PCs just wanting to get away from his 'G-rage'... You know how scary they can get when they're angry... >:]
  5. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Re: PC: *Kabooom!!* GODFUCKINGDAMNIT

    I dont think that this is my fault, temps were ok all the time ..... i dont know, what happened, but i allready know, that at least the 2 graphic cards, both HDDs and the PSU are completly DEAD, tested it in a friends PC this morning, because i only have to go to my uni readings in the afternoon today ..... phew, shit. >_<

    Maybee the PSU died and took everything with it. Funny thing: i spoted wires of a spiderweb inside the case!? wtf ......

    God, this will be a lot of work ....
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    Have to say sucks to be u.I just built my computer in july and new moniter last week :) 23 inch 1080p :P
  7. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Re: PC: *Kabooom!!* GODFUCKINGDAMNIT


    Well, seems to be like whole PC is broken :/

    Havent checked MoBo and CPU yet, but im not very optmistic ...... but i think i found the reason, the power outlet were the PC was conected to seems to be broken, it could have caused everything, since the monitor which was connected to another power outlet (integrated DVB-T, am watching TV there with disabled PC) is still workung, could explain, why the second PSU in half a year has died, ill just call an electrician in for tommorrow ...... wish me luck, if a broken power outlet caused the hardware crash(es), there wouldnt be any problem, my insurance would take all the costs ...... otherwise: GG at me, spending ~ 1,500€ for a new PC .......
  8. Gaw discord is my friend now

    Re: PC: *Kabooom!!* GODFUCKINGDAMNIT

    You have a fitting avatar anyways :dance:
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    It would take quite a major fault (short circuit etc) for a power socket to cause something like this :/

    Normally they just get loose wires inside and crackle a bit
  10. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Re: PC: *Kabooom!!* GODFUCKINGDAMNIT

    Well, im pretty much done here now.

    Somehow the MoBo/CPU/RAM survived, but: 2x HDDs, the DVD Burner, 2x Graphics Cards and the PSU are completly gone, and i just dont know why !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The power socket might have caused it, or the PSU died and grilled the power socket ..... donno what happened, and i even more dont know why the "main components" like the MoBo survived !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This really caused some epic lulz in my fav. ger. hardware forum, since its a mysterious epic fail :/

    "Luckily" im having another graphics card ready in my basement, a "buggy" GTX260, that tends to crash for no reason if i play in 3D mode .... well, for "just internet" its good enough for ~2-3 days, i just ordered new stuff to replace the fucked up components:

    - 1x GTX 285 with 2 Gigs ("just" 1, it only has to run ~3 months, will be replaced with the new GTX380 generation anyways at the end of the year if nVidia launches them)
    - 2x Samsung F2 1.5TB
    - Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro, 1000W (well, who knows what 2x GTX 380 will consume laters ??? :P)
    - New LG DVD Burner


    >_< 690,82€ gone

    Goddamnit ......... that money was supposed to be wasted by buying 2 SSDs arround christmas ..... i just hope, my insurance will pay the damage :<

    "Luckily" my BluRay Drive is running in the HTPC in the living room for a month now (which means: No 100€ for a new drive ), since watching BluRays on your 26" monitor is kinda fail if you have a 56" Samsung TV ready in the living room, only waiting for it xD
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    sounds like the PSU took everything along indeed, the only reason the Mobo survived is cause of it's capacitators.... they must have taken the sudden blow and survived it...
    but really.....it just sucks to know that....perhaps you should look into an active PSU? it would take the damages and provides 'clean' current to your comp, it costs a pretty penny, but better once a hefty penny that take the blows(and walk away whistling) or a $1500 comp....
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    Your choice of brandless power supply is worrying.

    edit: facepalm
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    BeQuiet isn't exactly brandless..... they have a good reputation in the shady world of OCs ;)
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    Oh lol, it sounded like something the retailer made up
  15. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Re: PC: *Kabooom!!* GODFUCKINGDAMNIT

    Lolz! =D


    Be Quiet! is one of the most expansive and most used PSU sellers for High-Ende-PCs and in the overclocking scene, in normal case, they stand for high quality, and offer you 5 years of warranty, no matter what. Its often used for extreme OC experiments because of the very "stable" power lines of the PSU ......

    I dont think its the PSU itself that has died, i more blame the power outlet somehow ..... in that case it would be an insurance issue..... anyways, the PSU itself will be replaced by Be Quiet!, i just have to send it back to the Hardware shop where i originally bought my "old" 850W one, and after they checked it ill get my money back, AND (because i allready called there and told them what might has happened here) i shall send a list what has died there, they will check if the PSU itself caused an error, and if it did, they will replace all my losses, because "Be Quiet! PSUs NEVER fail in providing your system with power" - service dude told me on the phone ! :3

    =D =D =D

    "shady" ?! o_O
  16. Knud Phat beats only

    Re: PC: *Kabooom!!* GODFUCKINGDAMNIT

    If BeQuiet doesn't cover/pay the other parts, just try to get warranty from the shop or vendor directly.
    Its not your fault, it seems, so you are entitled to warranty, really! (I work for a vendor, so I know what I'm talking about)

    (BeQuiet is a truthworthy brand for PSU + German service! ; but very unknown in the UK area)

    Oba, is your power wall socket grounded? If not, hard-ground the power extension box then in that case.
  17. Fromage "The Cheese"

    Re: PC: *Kabooom!!* GODFUCKINGDAMNIT

    Does the warranty apply if you clock as well? DIdn't think it did?

  18. Knud Phat beats only

    Re: PC: *Kabooom!!* GODFUCKINGDAMNIT

    Well, really depends on the vendor...
    Most of them, however, will not cover any OC on their products. But then again, its very hard to prove, despite all the stories on the web.
    I know Oba OC his system (dont know how much). Still does not explain this whole pc black out. Normally only 1, maybe 2 components die (Mobo and ram first, then gfx. CPU dies very hard.... expect for Longbow ;) )
  19. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Re: PC: *Kabooom!!* GODFUCKINGDAMNIT

    Yep, if the PSU caused the crash it doesnt matter that i clocked the parts higher than normally, Be Quiet! knows, that their PSUs are used my Overclockers.

    Anyways: Hopefully my new parts will arrive tommorrow, GTX260 is fail (slow), and i only installed an "emergancy windows", with Firefox, Steam, and itunes on an HDD that i grabbed out of an older PC from my Basement, epic 80Gigs and somehow really slow >_>

    + The BR-Drive is supposed to be in my HTPC, and not beeing raped as emergency drive in my PC.

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