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    Here is my work in progress map the name is open for change it's currently labeled as a beta simply because it has textures, other than that it's little more than a textured alpha test version. I'm open to ideas for changing it still and am unsure as to wether or not it's too open or too big. Although i have a version that's technically playable I noticed that my fog settings are a bit off and some areas of the map get clouded to the point of being hidden, I'll sort this before getting the beta out to general release aswell as some optimization.

    Anyway to get you more interested in where this is headed here are some screenshots:-


    Some of these pictures are from earlier versions and as such are missing trees and the roofs lack snow or something also one or two i turned off fog in tf2 in order to show the full map, as mentioned this is to be sorted.

    Things to work on:-

    • Sky Box
    • Optimization
    • Clutter?
    • Any Bug fixes/unintended areas

    How you can help:-

    • Suggestions for props both in the map and for hiding
    • map improvements e.g. is it too big? not enough height?
    • General Ideas

    All that's left for me to do is fix a few mainly graphical problems and compile which should take about 2 hours or so from now for the fixes and compiling then i'll upload it somewhere and give a proplist ready for release to servers.
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    Wow, looks great so far :)
    The only suggestion I have is, that you should have some routes for the players. Players shouldn't have too many different ways to get from Point A to Point B. I noticed this problem on my map (ph_mountain), so it was too easy for the props to run away.

    Also: Is it possible that you copied something of ph_mountain? ;) The tracks and the mining carts in your 3rd and 4th picture looks nearly the same as the tracks and mining carts inside the mountain of my map. No offense, I just want to know ;)
  3. Re: ph_chilly

    yeah i liked the layout of your carts and the barricades so i took inspiration and used them hope you don't mind
  4. Re: ph_chilly

    As already said: No problem, I just wanted to know ;)
  5. Gaw discord is my friend now

    Re: ph_chilly

    Also the building + the roof in pic no 1 is copied from that other map (unsure of name) and the cap point looks exactly like viaduct.. :/
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    Looks fucking pro.

    Just needs more detailing really :)

    Some open space is alright, as long as you have lots of hiding spots. Also please don't let it turn into another one of those maps where the only way to hide is to blend in (warehouse) - aim for sawmill/oasis.
  7. Bulletproof Last one alive, Lock the door.

    Re: ph_chilly

    It looks amazing! nice mapping, keep the good work up mate!
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    well seeing as it seems taking a few shortcuts isn't making me look god here i've deleted everything unoriginal from my map and have began the process of starting again i'll take this time to adjust the size of the map and sort gameplay flow issues as suggested by austria phantom. The building in question was from dustbowl i believe i'd adjusted it and prefabricated it for future use. And i liked the cap point from viaduct, i mainly did this to cut down on mapping time but i have ideas that could work better if i can make them right.

    So I shall return when the map is completely original in a day or so.
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    @mehby: I had no problem with you using parts of my map. Especially because neither I nor Geit created our maps completely on our own. I used a prefab from FPSBanana for a building because I ran out of ideas and nearly all buildings of ph_farm are prefabs from FPSBanana (I know this because I saw them while looking for prefabs for ph_mountain ;) ).
    Nevertheless: It is always better if you make something on your own than copying something ;)

    And if you take care of the gameplay flow, you should also take care of Darks suggestion:
  10. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: ph_chilly

    One of the reasons I hate farm, and despise calling it a map 'I' made, I did put a fair bit of work re-texuturing those prefabs though, farm is a horrible map.

    Warehouse is 100% my own though, so I <3 it.
  11. Re: ph_chilly

    Wats funny is I like farm more then warehouse(u should do some prop randomization on farm).I like prop randomization because it makes it a bit harder to figure out what is prop and what is real.If geit gives up how to do it I am going to try and use it. :)
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    I don't like using other peoples stuff it feels wrong but it saves time and is mostly an aid used when ideas run dry. I've rearranged my map already and replaced that building with one of my own. I've currently got 2 empty corners that i need to fill with something and have to find room to place the cp but aside from that nothing majorly affecting the maps progress.
  13. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: ph_chilly

    Don't forget about vertical game-play, it greatly affects how the maps plays in prophunt, at the moment, it looks very flat, which isn't too good.

    Oasis and Sawmill both use insane amounts of vert. gameplay
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    Yes vertical gameplay is good - but roofs and 2nd storys, not warehouse.

    Also imgkk (or any other host) > imageshack >:(
  15. Spykodemon Disabled account

    Re: ph_chilly

    Yeah I thought that too until I kept getting 404/500 errors most of the time.
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    Yeah it takes a lot of experimenting and downtime to get it as fast (and light on the server) as it is :P
  17. imFree (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    Re: ph_chilly

    Looks good but also open and if the roofs wont be unacssesible it will be really unfair for the pyros.

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