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  1. PH_Lumberyard_A1

    Fixed being able to clip through certain walls, floors and static objects e.g. wood piles.
    - Fixed some textures so they're no longer invisible.
    - Fixed some displacement gaps so they're no longer invisible.
    - Fixed a certain area so it's now escapable.

    - Added some new creative hiding places.
    - Re-Added some player clips to cut down the amount of roof access. This should stop props running around instead of hiding.

    Updated prop list:
            "models/props_forest/shrub_03b.mdl" {}   
            "models/props_forest/shrub_03c.mdl" {}   
            "models/props_2fort/oildrum.mdl" {}   
            "models/props_2fort/miningcrate001.mdl" {}   
            "models/props_2fort/miningcrate002.mdl" {}   
            "models/props_2fort/tire002.mdl" {}   
            "models/props_2fort/metalbucket001.mdl" {}   
            "models/props_2fort/tire001.mdl" {}         
            "models/props_2fort/corrugated_metal001.mdl" {}   
            "models/props_2fort/corrugated_metal003.mdl" {}   
            "models/props_gameplay/cap_point_base.mdl" {}       
            "models/props_farm/wood_pile.mdl" {}      
            "models/props_farm/pallet001.mdl" {}  
            "models/props_badlands/barrel02.mdl" {}   
            "models/props_well/hand_truck01.mdl" {}   
            "models/props_forest/rock006b.mdl" {}   
            "models/props_forest/rock006.mdl" {}   
            "models/props_forest/train_engine_01.mdl" {}   
            "models/props_forest/wood_pile.mdl" {}    
            "models/props_vehicles/train_flatcar_leveltop.mdl" {}
            "doors" "1"
            "relay" "0"
            "round" "200"
            "freeze" "0"
            "alt" ""
    Download link:
  2. Gaw discord is my friend now

    This map was on (must have been a week ago or so now) when it was very late (5am or so) and the americans were on - It was very fun and they enjoyed it and so did I and its an awesome map and an awesome map.
  3. I've got to try this sometime - hopefully it's better than the original arena_lumberyard :P
  4. Gaw discord is my friend now

    It's pretty much the same except that all the clips are gone :P It makes for fun gameplay though, props usually win..
  5. imFree (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    I actually haven't played Lumberyard that much D:
  6. Well as you saw last night... Lul. That's all been fixed~
  7. Gaw discord is my friend now

    Update the server with shinkz's map instead of the awful one that is currently on it please
  8. Time limit might need to be tweaked a little. I'm hoping it'll be fine at 3 minutes though. Should be more then enough time for a map that size.

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