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    Battleborn has gone f2p apparently on multiplayer, ofc paid unlocks & all that jazz like any other f2p game & also got to pay for the singleplayer campaign & a few more unlocks & things.

    Wonder if they have fixed the performance issue on amd graphics cards yet though...

    As i tried tweaking the game config to be able to play its singleplayer campaign missions & saw little too no difference in performance.
    But ended up with this graphical glitch instead when looking at an npc.
    (Friend of mine that lives here in town bought it for me so we could both play it but refunded it entirely because of this last year.)
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  5. -M-m- herpderp

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    I think you (and MM)should get a badge since you post the most about free games, lol.
  9. Done.
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    he followed through, noticed a while later though.
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    Do you use IFTTT to get emails about free games? That's how I do it anyways, wonder how you guys go about it
  13. I just browse sites like the Humble Bundle etc. Really good for finding deals and free games
  14. Cactus The key is to never give up

    /r/gamedeals and /r/freegamefindings too

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