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  1. Plans

    The forum/website is hosted by me so it will stay no problem. The only problem is we have no game servers.

    Plan 1:
    Stay as a clan but only play on other servers
    Can still participate in clan matches

    Plan 2:
    Buy a dedicated server and host 1 or 2 TF2 servers on it.
    Problem: cost, damn expensive, £70+ a month
  2. Re: Plans

    Yep that's about the price we would be paying. However, we will need monthly donations from all our members where possible (we can't really afford it otherwise)

    Please post if you are willing to donate towards our new dedi server and if so, how much?

    Also note that it is likely we will be able to host 8+ 32-slot servers if all goes well :D
  3. Re: Plans

    Probably able to donate £5 a month,

    other clans get sponsorship and have a "Please donate to keep this server running" on the MOTD

    I have even seen some say "donate and get a reserved slot + admin rights" (i.e. kick or ban + slap + map change or summat)
  4. Re: Plans

    Yeah donations for admin access would be good idea in my opinion. It also should let us skip the usual admin application process - if someone is prepared to give us money, it's pretty unlikely they will scam us. (not counting spitfire, lol)
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