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  1. I don't like the idea of this, i see hats as just some fun and a way to customize the classes. I have 15 hats and i have no problem with not being able to distinguish between normal hats and item manager hats.
  2. King Awesome Useless Member

    I think the credit hats are a bit silly. I always thought hats are something unique and rare that you have to earn. (being the reason why I have 0)
  3. Geit Coding wizard!

    Due to a huge huge glitch in the system, I've had to reset the whole thing, including perks and credits. Sorry!

    On The plus side, you all get 100 credits to start with for the next day.
  4. Oh you goat
  5. SnuggleMuffin SnuggleMuffin

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  6. Geit Coding wizard!

    Change-log for the last 2 days:

    • Changed !givecredits function so players can give each other credits.
    • Added a !addcredits function so managers can reward for other things.
    • Removed cross map timers and I'm now using the same method as prophunt for time tracking, unfortunately, receiving time tick credits is no longer announced as it is added to your account post disconnect.
    • Fixed exponentially doubling time played rewards
    • Added an active perks list and expiry dates
    • Fixed incorrect display of expiry dates
    • Fixed BRI, finally and made default color rainbow, you can change color with !settings - can no longer be disabled on a client-client basis sadly.
    • Fixed a spacing issue on some of the menus
    • Corrected the amount of points that are given for some actions
    To Do:

    • Fix team-swap issues.
    • Implement RTD support. (Still thinking about this)
    • Add perk-length selection.
    • Add points for domination/revenge
    Anything else I need to do?
  7. Reag My name is an anagram for a reason

    Give me 2 credits for no reason for suggesting adding 1 credit per headshot.
    • Change the properties of fake hats to show that they are fake (f.e. slightly green or slightly transparent). For the reason, read King Awesome's post.
    • Change the slots for the "yes" and "no" answers to 8 and 9 to avoid accidentally bought perks...
    • ...or add a command to show the current amount of credits (f.e. in chat) without being forced to open the credit shop.
    • Look at Raeg's suggestion and add at least 0.1 credits for each headshot (f.e. 0.2).
    • Remove the third slot in the hat menu because it's empty. When nothing is left to do.
  8. King Awesome Useless Member

    I still think the hats are a silly idea, even though I use all of them on the server.
  9. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob


    Quoted For To-do list
  10. You should make a single timer (not per-user like before) running every 10 seconds or so checking GetClientTime and printing notifications of how many credits (estimate) have been gained through being in the server.
  11. Geit Coding wizard!


    • Per 30 Dominations
    • Per 50 Revenges
    • Per 20 First-Bloods
    • Per 50 Headshots
    • Issue where Feign death would cause the attacker/assister to get points.
    • [STRIKE]Made custom hats 20% transparent.[/STRIKE] This doesn't actually work on hats, So I've removed it
    • !hats menu now only shows slots 1 and 2
  12. If hat sets aren't still saved, when the perk ran out, then implement that, please. It can be annoying to have to set up the hats everytime when buying the perk again.
  13. There are no more hats - equipment manager was intentionally broken by the update.

    Goat should refund anyone with the hats perk tbh
  14. Yes i want a refund, oh wait i can give myself a refund.
  15. Geit Coding wizard!

    I tried and fucked up the refund, just set the credits of anyone who had the perk to 150 >.>
  16. King Awesome Useless Member

    Yaaay. Now I should have like 300 credits because I had to buy the perk twice within 2 days. Well I guess I wont have 300 credits but w/e.
  17. Goat needs to learn the difference between += and =+ :P
  18. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Careful, you might start crying.

    Remember this is still really in the development stage, it's not going to be perfect and everybody is in the same shameful boat as you.
  19. King Awesome Useless Member

    You shouldn't take my post THAT serious.

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