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    We understand the frustration, I guess is what I'm saying.
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    Fair enough.

    Just that I'm not frustrated at all. ;)
  3. My amount of credits hasn't increased since the day before yesterday, even with many MVPs, kills and long sessions. The only thing I did before was buying the "Bonus round immunity". After that I've got 3 credits but then no more. It's weird to me, because I've got up to 15 credits on average each day.
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    It's possible that AddCredits is failing to keep a tally of all the people on the server, or your playing with less than 4 people. :P
  5. No. Even with more than 3 people it doesn't increase.

    This may be the cause. When I said earlier ingame that my credits weren't increasing, someone was agreeing to me. So I thought that it would have been global. But then another one said that his credits were increasing. You can take a look at the logs if needed.
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    Added length selection to the purchase process.
  9. No bonus for backstabs but bonus for headshots?

    Sad face.
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    backstab dont need any skill, you just need to be willing to be a cunt

    Last week i bought the bonus-round immunity and it worked for about a day but after that it stopped working and when i went into the perks menu to buy it again it said i already had it and couldnt but it again, so i waited a week and bought it again but it still doesnt work (on any server not just PH). how to unbork it?
  11. Says the huntsman user.

    OH SNAP!
  12. Reag My name is an anagram for a reason

    People like you make me facedesk every day.
    Just because there are a few walk and shoot players does not mean the huntsman is a luck weapon, it takes skill to figure out the arch perfectly.
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    You forget; regardless of how it may be in our silly world, in prophunt the opposite may be true. Of course that's what's relevant here.

    Edit: In prophunt, huntsman fires you...
  15. It's not hard to headshot with a 4 mile hit box.

    Go drink some bleach Beau.
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    The hitbox on props in the same as regular scouts, you fail shinkz
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    No need to be so lovable.
  18. Maybe this is not the right plase to put this but Ill do it anyway

    I have had the same credits for two days now (61) and I dont gain more credits
  19. The goat broke it.
  20. Gaw discord is my friend now


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