Post your workstation.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Ray, 27 Feb 2009.

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  1. Ray

    Post your workstation.

    I noticed we have a desktop thread, what forum would be complete without a workstation thread. When I say workstation I mean your gaming device. It's 1 am and I just took this image, excuse the reflection. I'll take a neater one sooner.

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  2. Re: Post your workstation.

    Taken on my phone which currently has a really shit modded camera driver - sometime I'll have to remember how I changed it in the first place and find a better one :P

    Also, look closely and you'll see my cows. And my snowman. :P

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  3. Knud Phat beats only

    Re: Post your workstation.

    You need to clean your desktop 0.o

    I'll post mine later, its too dark now to make a proper picture
  4. Re: Post your workstation.

    I will post mine when I have tidied up ;)
  5. Re: Post your workstation.

    wow thats alot of stuff :D

    well this was a older pic showing some mates the uni accommadation, enjoy.

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  6. Ray

    Re: Post your workstation.

    Darki, is that Alienware?
    Nice bedsheets there Overdrive. =P
  7. Re: Post your workstation.

    Nope, self-built with an NZXT case and a fuckload of blue cathodes :P
  8. Th-

    Re: Post your workstation.

    Here, all nice and clear, and it works. I can't understand how some people can play with a mousepad any bit smaller than mine...

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  9. Re: Post your workstation.

    Note to self: Get a real mouse pad :P
  10. Re: Post your workstation.

    ackk didnt no u were into Final Fantasy Th! u are now more legendary than... legendary Oo
    and yea thats a huuuge mouse mat lol

    ray u wouldnt complain when its the bed of all beds =P
  11. Th-

    Re: Post your workstation.

    No I'm quite serious... you can't lead a target jumping over your head twice and running circles around you without a good mousepad =P

    And if you don't even try, you're literally lost (where are you!!1! You COWARD AAARGH)
  12. Re: Post your workstation.

    I use a large and magic piece of Amazon cardboard-packaging ;)
  13. Re: Post your workstation.

    rofl, really 0.o

    anyway i'll post mine late. i dont use any mouse pad, got the work surface as a desktop*yes those ones in the kitchen u knw* *u'll see later*

  14. Ray

    Re: Post your workstation.

    I don't really need a mousepad, the ikea wood works great tbh.
  15. Re: Post your workstation.

    yep :D

    But now and then I use a icemat ;)
  16. Re: Post your workstation.

    Here's mine

    I made this desktop table*with help from my dad :) * got the worktop board from B&Q, for about £35.


    I'll try take picture of the whole view of my desktop table, basically the tv on the right*after my hi-fi* and my PC tower on the left *after my hi-fi speakers*


    edit:overdrive, it looks like we got teh same monitor 8-) 22' here

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  17. Th-

    Re: Post your workstation.

    O-M-G Fastjohn!

    You have an optical mouse... :? :? :? :shock:

    What is the lag in it? How accurate is it? (umm if its not a gaming-optical mouse, get a new one... my humble opinion)

    Nice desk though =P
  18. Re: Post your workstation.

    yea, I know. I said it on the other thread before

    it's wireless, but seems fine for me.

    planning to get a gaming mouse soon like I said before.

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  19. Ray

    Re: Post your workstation.

    Love it FJohn, that looks like the same monitor as Overdrives.
  20. Re: Post your workstation.

    Savage's work station!:



    Older style of FJ and Overdrive's screens, but I love it <3 :P

    And Lol! I just realised how stupid the wire for my mouse is on my desk >.<
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