Prop Hunt 1.4 Bugs

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  1. Prop Hunt 1.4 Bugs

    Since you know it's slightly buggy, I thought I'd give you a list of the bugs found to make it easier for you to fix.

    - Jetpack

    I'm assuming it's configured in the wrong direction. Instead of boosting you upwards, when you fire it pushes you to either the left or the right.

    - Sniper
    It has no weapons except melee. Sniper rifle, Huntsman, Jar of piss and machine gun don't load.

    - Last Alive
    Last prop alive can no longer shoot and a random scatter gun will appear floating somewhere on the map.

    I'll let you know if I find more~
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  2. Geit Coding wizard!

    Server is down because it's so buggy, it'll come back up when dark is ready to work on it.

    We know about most of the bugs already.
  3. ETA on when it'll be back up?
  4. We probably will never get jetpack working again the way it did.

    If I can remember all the shit I learned in add maths, then I can probably make a better one though.

    Sniper, dunno why that's not working. It should only remove Sniper and Jarate.

    Last prop, I can reproduce that, dunno if I can fix it easily though.
  5. Spykodemon Disabled account

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  6. Lol

    Anyway pretty much all the bugs are fixed. :)
  7. Sweet~
    But the server is down at the moment ;X

    Have you changed the jetpack at all from last night for melee? Or am I still going to shoot 20 feet into the air when I try charge and behead somebody and miss by a mile~?
  8. Forgot to flag it as enabled on the server manager D:

    Anyway I've disabled the jetpack on eyelander now :)

    Let me know soon if there are other bugs so I can get 1.4 released asap.
  9. Some people are having issues with the Heavy punching. If they try to punch a prop they end up in the air and totally missing it lol~
  10. It's impossible to get jetpack right D:

    Personally I prefer the melee one
  11. The minigun jetpack seems to of gone over well with all the bitching coming from the boxing glove melee. I'm indifferent because I don't use heavy lul~
  12. If I take out boxing glove jetpack then the heavy will be disadvantaged... :/
  13. I'm just passing on what the others are saying. I don't use Heavy and you already know what I feel about Heavy so... :P
    If you need opinions on Heavy, you need to wait for Mike, Grim or one of the other regulars to reply. I know both of those use it a lot~

    Sniper and Demo work flawlessly though. I've no problems getting headshots and kills with Sniper or charging with Demo.
  14. gRiMrEaPeRsco Thunder ... wait for it ... Penis

    right heavy, the punching jetpack is far to powerful, a punch from standing launches heavy 6ft in the air then the punch hits above the prop and the minigun jetpack almost instantly lauches u to the top of the map, its a dissadvantage really. the jet pack settings on the heavy were better before.
  15. But melee is the only jetpack heavy has, and they won't be able to get to some high spaces otherwise.

    Removed anyway
  16. Spykodemon Disabled account

    Grats on level 7 btw.
  17. But no increase in HP... Hmm~


    Also the last person alive seems to be very hit and miss at the moment. Sometimes it grants a scattergun, sometimes it doesn't.
  18. Okaaaaaaay, Brawl is pretty much bugged out to heck~

    - Pyro doesn't lose health when firing the Flamethrower/Backburner.
    - Heavy doesn't lose health when firing the Minigun (which isn't new).
    - Sniper doesn't lose health when firing the SMG.

    Also somebody on the server asked, does it have to be an arena map for PH~? I wasn't too sure so I thought I'd ask here. Somebody suggested KOTH Viaduct as a map they'd like to play on. I thought it'd be a little too big but eh... providing the time limit is set right I could see it being playable. That is, if KOTH maps could be loaded.

    Also, quite a few people would like the regular harvest map replaced with the Halloween event version.
  19. Last alive randomly bugs out from time to time so you don't get a scattergun. It's happened to me several times on various maps and also to a few other people. It just happened to Riggers on Sawmill~
  20. KOTH maps can be loaded, by using Stripper:Source to add the necessary tf_logic_arena entity during loading. :)

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