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  1. I've seen a lot of posts about how to set up a server on Prop Hunt and I want to do it but many of the links that are involved are not working and, it would seem, outdated.

    I know there was something about joining the GM server but I didn't exactly want to do that considering it was going to be between just me and my friends.

    Can somebody please help me?

    Thanks so much!
  2. Dan Chief Detective at GM Police HQ - Jagex #1 Fan!

    If they don't turn up soon, @Darkimmortal and @T'was the Geit Before Christmas are probably best suited to helping you out.

    That being said, if it's just you and a couple friends wanting to play, why not just hop on the GM server? It's fun, there are a lot of people on there, and it's a good time.
  3. I have considered that, but I don't know. Maybe it's because I'm just stubborn and want a server to be private in. *Shrugs*
  4. Powerlord Current Prop Hunt maintainer guy

    Given that GM's server moved to Prop Hunt Redux recently, I figure it's appropriate to post the instructions for installing PH Redux instead of PH classic (the redux version was mainly created so I could update the AlliedModders main post for it with new versions).

    Assuming you already know how to install a TF2 server using SteamCMD, you'll need:

    1. If your server isn't already running MetaMod: Source or SourceMod, uncompress (or uncompress then upload) them to the server's tf/ directory. This should cause it to create the addons directory automatically.
    2. TF2Items needs to be uncompresssed to the server's tf/addons/sourcemod/ directory.
    3. The Prop Hunt Redux Resource Pack or Prop Hunt Sounds Pack should be uncompressed to either tf/ or tf/custom/prophunt/. I prefer the latter in case I want to remove Prop Hunt from the server later. If you're downloading maps directly, they should go in either tf/maps/ or tf/custom/prophunt/maps/.
    4. The Prop Hunt Redux Resource Pack should be uncompressed to the server's tf/ directory.
    5. The Prop Hunt Data Pack should be uncompressed to the server's tf/ directory.
    6. The Prop Hunt Redux plugin should be uploaded to the server's tf/addons/sourcemod/plugins/ directory.
    7. Edit the server's cfg/mapcycle.txt (or cfg/arena_mapcycle.txt) files with a new mapcycle. A recommended mapcycle is included with the Prop Hunt Redux Data Pack.
    8. It is recommended that you comment out or remove everything in cfg/config_arena.cfg
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  5. Powerlord Current Prop Hunt maintainer guy

  6. Sorry if I hijack this thread but anyway I get the following errors on startup:

    unknown command ph_enable
    unknown command ph_propmenu

    prophunt.smx invalid config - could not access subkey: items
    prophunt.smx invalid config - could not access subkey: classes
    prophunt.smx invalid config - could not access subkey: sounds

    I followed all the steps except there is no cfg/config_arena.cfg file in the server folder. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
  7. Powerlord Current Prop Hunt maintainer guy

    Apparently I missed a step in there... the Prop Hunt Data Pack also needs to be extracted and/or uploaded to the server.
  8. Thanks for the quick response, we are making progress!

    My server.cfg: from tf/cfg
    I get unknow command on:

    Now when I join the server should there be anything there to identify it is running prophunt? From what currently have it appears to be running a normal gamemode on a ph map.
  9. Powerlord Current Prop Hunt maintainer guy

    The server should mention it's running Prop Hunt during setup time in the first round.

    Having said that, you shouldn't be getting unknown command for those cvars as they should exist if Prop Hunt is loaded... It may not be a bad idea to do sm plugins list and see if it says Prop Hunt is disabled or check the SourceMod error logs to see if it didn't load for some reason.

    Also, if you want the server's game description to change in the server browser, you need the SteamTools extension (SDKHooks used to be able to do this, but that feature got pulled because it wasn't working right).
  10. With that command I get:

    So it does load, but the cvars are still not being recognized. Should the cvars be put somewhere else aside from the server.cfg?
  11. Powerlord Current Prop Hunt maintainer guy

    Prop Hunt Redux creates a config file at cfg/sourcemod/prophunt_redux.cfg, but ph_enable is explicitly not in that config file in order to allow you to set it in other configs.
  12. Put it there as well, no difference. Tried removing it from server.cfg which removes the error but still nothing appears regarding prophunt.

    Does the gamemode need to be adjusted? The file you mentioned (cfg/config_arena.cfg) in the tutorial no longer exists in the default install (steamcmd)
  13. Powerlord Current Prop Hunt maintainer guy

    cfg/config_arena.cfg doesn't need to exist, Valve used to push it to all new servers and it had the nasty tendency to overwrite your server's hostname with "Team Fortress 2 Arena Server" when you were on arena maps (which include PH and VSH maps).

    Still not sure why those cvars would give you errors as Prop Hunt Redux should be creating them when it loads and TF2 has no way of getting rid of cvars once a plugin creates them.

    It might not be a bad idea to do a rcon sm plugins info 15 to pull up the info on Prop Hunt Redux.

    Alternately, rcon find ph_enable should tell you what the ph_enable cvar does (and verify that it exists).

    Still, the best thing to do would be to load one of the maps Prop Hunt supports and have players join to see if Prop Hunt is actually working.
  14. Powerlord Current Prop Hunt maintainer guy

    Links in the install post have been updated with the Prop Hunt Redux 3.0.0 final files and the new Prop Hunt Data Pack and Map Essentials links.
  15. Powerlord Current Prop Hunt maintainer guy

    Released Prop Hunt Redux 3.0.2 and new Data Pack to go with it (to properly restrict the new Festive items and adds ph_snowworks config file). Links are in earlier install post.
  16. cheers i've updated #5 to this now :)
  17. Powerlord Current Prop Hunt maintainer guy

    I've added a new PHDataPack with some new map configs. It also contains the (upcoming) 3.1.0 translation file and prophunt_config. The prophunt_config, if used on 3.0.2, will allow Pyros to use the Reserve Shooter (instead of just the Soldier), which is a direct upgrade from the stock shotgun. On 3.1.0, it replaces the Reserve Shooter with the stock shotgun., but only for Pyros.

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  18. Powerlord Current Prop Hunt maintainer guy

    Updated the installation directions to include links to PropHunt Redux 3.1.0 and the latest PHDataPack.
  19. Powerlord Current Prop Hunt maintainer guy

    Update installation instructions to include version 3.1.3. Changes since 3.1.0 are:


    • Regression fix: Bleed weapons no longer cause their owners to take bleed damage when they use them. Bug was introduced in PHR 3.0 beta 1 or so.
    • Regression fix: If a prop player is detected as having a weapons, we now attempt to strip their weapons instead of just blindly re-running the Equip timer. Bug was introduced in PHR 3.0 beta 1 or so.
    • Canteens and Spellbooks are now blocked twice since some servers were reporting the first method wasn't working.
    • New prophunt_config.cfg file (PHDataPack updated)
      • Fortified Compound has its damage adjusted to match the Huntsman.
      • Gold Botkiller Sniper Rifle Mk.II is now banned like all other sniper rifles.
      • proper_name attributes were fixed for several weapons, although to my knowledge said attribute is deprecated and not actually used.
      • DataPacks are now named with the date they are created so you can tell if there's been a new version since the last time your downloaded one.


    • Changed team switch time from 0.1 seconds before bonus time ends to 0.2 seconds before bonus time ends. This is to prevent a rare condition where teams weren't swapped prior to the next round start.
    • Optimization: mp_bonusroundtime is now read as a Float (it has the above value subtracted from it, so it had to be converted to one anyway).


    • PropHunt Redux now removes its game description during map changes and reapplies it after config files are executed. This is to fix an issue with MultiMod servers.
  20. i have no idea why it keeps looking for maps/ctf_2fort.bsp , even I've already changed mapcycle.txt (so does mtp.cfg) it's still looking for that map...

    I followed all the steps except I didn't know what" Prop Hunt Redux Resource Pack "is, I couldn't find any dl link about it... or just Prop Hunt Data Pack ??

    I'll be appreciated for any help

    btw it couldn't find that map it's because I deleted it...
    before I deleted it, server ran perfectly except map was only ctf_2fort.bsp ...

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