Prophunt 1.3 fails after demo/soldier update

Discussion in 'PropHunt' started by Khadgar, 18 Dec 2009.

  1. Prophunt 1.3 fails after demo/soldier update

    Since the demo/soldier update the Prophunt plugin is failing to do its work.
    On our server it was missing after the update and when I put it back and restarted the server its no longer functioning.

    When I spawn as prop I can be any class but the scout picture stays in place and I immidiately get a timeout on the server after which I got disconnected.
    Unloaded the plugin and its functioning fine as normal server.

    I hope this will be fixed soon.
  2. It's not just PH that's broken. There's two dozen or so errors, glitches and problems in the main game and it's system since the update.

    Dark will fix it once Valve fixes their problems.
  3. Thank you for your reply.
    Lets hope Valve gets thing sorted out soon.

    Must say they fuck up lots of updates lately.
    First L4D2 twice
    Now TF2 update.

    Doing a hell of a job there :(
  4. Valve Bug List

    14 pages and counting. That's how many issues this patch is having.
  5. Geit Coding wizard!

  6. Also there are still a number of crash bugs and hooking Prethink with DukeHacks is currently screwed (so no mouse button detection).
  7. Thank you, that works so far.

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