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PropHunt Setup Script

Discussion in 'PropHunt' started by Kyle0654, 31 Jul 2015.

  1. My friends and I love PropHunt, but it was quite the chore trying to maintain a server when we wanted to play sporadically. So I did what any programmer would do an wrote a script to do all the work for me:


    This script follows the setup steps on the setup guide, and checks to make sure you have the correct version of metamod, sourcemod, tf2items, steamtools, dhooks, PropHunt gamedata, etc. It also updates to the latest version of the PropHunt mod, grabs the latest maps/sounds, uploads them to a fastdownload server (optional), sets up your mapcycle, enables /propmenu and /propreroll (optional), and enables some SourceMod plugins, like mapchooser and rockthevote.

    We tested it, and it worked great, so I figured others might enjoy it =)

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  2. Powerlord Current Prop Hunt maintainer guy

    Side note: It you're wondering why I never commented on this, officially I can't condone it because AlliedModders doesn't like "turnkey" scripts to install everything.

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