PropHunt Suggestions and Changes

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  1. Geit Coding wizard!

    PropHunt Suggestions and Changes

    Hey everyone, The PropHunt Team is looking for your suggestions for the next version of PropHunt (Because we don't have many ideas of our own [​IMG] ). Everything is considered, so don't be afraid to make as many as possible.


    The PropHunt Team.
  2. From that other thread, rather than having someone sit out, stick them on a random team
  3. Geit Coding wizard!

  4. MrMike This is my face when you talk

    firstly battle medics and engies, this means melle and shotgun/pistol and ubersaw, no buildings no kritz or medi gun, this will add more variety to the hunters giving people more options.
    secondly more damage done to hunters when firing, reason why is because pyros can jetpack across most of the maps and still have more then half of their HP, making it hard to escape as a prop if they can just M1 chase you for a LONG time and if you get in the range of the pyro it's basically over for that prop, same with the shotgun, so i'd say increase the damage done.
    thirdly TAKE AWAY THE MINIGUN, it's just to overpowered and most heavies who use it camp the CP making it impossible for the scouts to regain any HP from the point, the heavy is fine with shotgun/sandvich and melle
    Finally bring back the small jetpack for the melle, giving only the pyro the jetpack seems unfair, the heavy used to be able to get up places after a few kills with melle and the jet pack, not sure why it was taken away as it made the heavy more useable.
    anyways these are just my suggestions so yah =s
  5. Geit Coding wizard!

  6. - Fix sitting out
    - Teams swapping too soon
    - Lag(?)
    - Keep track of BLU classes while the players are on RED and return them to the class they were on
    - A second choice of prop with a health and/or speed penalty
    - Fix up ph_swamp
    - Remove heavy
    - Nerf huntsman
    - SMG jetpack
  7. The MC Official GM PropHunt Manager

    - Keep Heavy; Remove Minigun
    - Engineer with no buildings
    - Melee only Medic
    - PH_Swamp
    - Some sort of little melee jetback equal to a double jump
    - If self-damage for firing is cranked up, only do it by a small degree in my opinion
    - No sit outs

    I disagree entirely with giving any sort of alternative prop choice, even with hinderence to speed and/or health.
  8. gRiMrEaPeRsco Thunder ... wait for it ... Penis

    smg should stay restricted
  9. Cookies4you Crippling Pickling Prickling Disorder

    Battle Engi ftw

    Battle Medic ftw. To balance this, you could increase his attack interval to .4 instead of .8 for the bonesaw, allowing him to take down some props quickly. you could make the self-damage 5. this would be to balance out the medic because of his inability to use a ranged weapon. the demoman is an exception to this rule, but he has a large swing range and a charge ability to balance this out. maybe ubersaw could slow down props

    I agree with the melee jump suggestion. All classes should have a melee jump ability
  10. The problem we had with a melee jetpack (which is why I believe it was taken away), was the jetpack was taking priority. So if you tried to melee a prop you flew up in the air and completely missed it. It made Demoknight unplayable.

    - Sitting Out
    It should always adjust in favor of the Blue team.

    - Team Scramble
    What's it currently set out? Every 5 rounds?

    - Lag
    I've noticed little to no lag on the GM server. The only time we ever have lag is usually when it's server wide. It used to happen a lot but was fixed with the plug-in being reloaded. Since you did the "tweaks", there's rarely any lag anymore.

    - Second prop choice

    A small penalty for trading in your woodpile/concrete block? Hm.. interesting.

    - Heavy Modification
    When Natascha was removed the Minigun wasn't such a problem. But now with the constant camping and the speed boost it's rage inducing, hence the name the regular PH's have come up with, "Minigun fag".

    - Nerf huntsman
    The main problem with the Huntsman is the fucking stupid 103-137 damage range. It all depends on luck if you're killed with a body shot or not. I hate nailing somebody with a bodyshot at the start of a game and it killing them. It makes me feel cheap. It'd be great if you could nerf the damage to deal a straight 100 on full charge if it hits the body. I joke on the server that bodyshots should deal 0 damage =>

    - Engineer with no PDA

    The Wrench has the biggest crit-rate in the game. Add that with the speed boosting on kill.. I dunno. We'll have to experiment with it.

    - Melee Medic
    No problems here.

    - Pyro Prop For Admin
    It'd be nice if it was brought back =>
  11. pascal mapper

    if you are a large prop then to see you scarcely something therefore I thought you can you prop turn off for better visibility
    an example key 8 for prop visible on or off (only for clent side )
  12. Im agreeing with all of what Shinkz just said:

    And now for another idea for the pyros,
    They have the backburner and the regular flamer. I would say up the regular flamer to have a larger ammo back and do a little bit less dmg than the backburner and then let the backburner have the ammo it has now but doing more dmg to the user.

    This will make the backburner not be spammed as much and give a reason to use the other flamethrower.

    Now for the shotgun spam problem i would say nerf the ammo pack so you can't just spam spam spam and also remove crits. Otherwise i don't have any real obejctions to the shotgun.

    Now for the jump boost problem I can see the problem with the melee boost, but getting it with all ranged weapons would help alot.
    So basicly add it to the shotguns again, and if you ever add a gun then give them a boost aswell.
    This will make the heavy and the soldier more flexable getting to otherwise unreachable areas.
    Now for the classes that don't get a jumpboost, too bad pick a class that can.

    So basicly:
    - What shinkz said
    - More dmg on use with the backburner
    - Less dmg and larger ammo back with the flamethrower
    - Nerf the ammo pack on the shotgun and remove the crits
    - Add jump boost to all ranged weapons
  13. Excellent idea, plus I know how to do that now :)

    Or perhaps I could do a proper implementation of first person view where it hides the prop too and is triggered by a button.
  14. imFree (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    Your bringing the SMG back?

    What he said.
    And i do think Shinkz would agree.
  15. Give me the ability to enable/disable hlss/hldj.
  16. - Remove Persia
    It crashes the server for reasons I don't know.
  17. Geit Coding wizard!

    Maybe because the decompiler fails? and pakratting on a 64 bit system also fails.
  18. Geit Coding wizard!

    Reference for taunts:
    Scout Taunts:
    scout_taunts01 - "I'm runnin' circles around ya."
    scout_taunts02 - "Ohh, yeah your really scary."
    scout_taunts03 - "Yeah why don't you come over and say that to my face tough guy!"
    scout_taunts04 - "Not so tough now are ya, ARE YA!
    scout_taunts05 - "I wanna headbutt cha! I'm gonna headbutt cha! I'm gonna headbutt cha!!!"
    scout_taunts06 - "Yeah come get some you frickin' wuss!"
    scout_taunts07 - "Who wants some of this!"
    scout_taunts08 - "Say goodbye to your kneecaps chuckle head!"
    scout_taunts09 - "Eey, Alot a good that gun did ya."
    scout_taunts10 - "what're you looking at!"
    scout_taunts11 - "Ya, Your head's a frickin' bat magnet!"
    scout_taunts12 - "Hey knucklehead.. I'm talking to you!"
    scout_taunts13 - "You're all losers."
    scout_taunts14 - "Hey wimps!"
    scout_taunts15 - "You wimps suck!"
    scout_taunts16 - "You knuckleheads ain't even worth the effort"
    scout_taunts17 - "You morons are about to catch a real beating
    scout_taunts18 - "Oh hey! You suck!"

    scout_activatecharge01 - "Hit it Doc!"
    scout_activatecharge02 - "C'mon Doc!"
    scout_activatecharge03 - "Do it doc! Do it!"
    scout_autocappedcontrolpoint01 - "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!"
    scout_autocappedcontrolpoint02 - "Yeah!"
    scout_autocappedcontrolpoint03 - "I got it! i got it!"
    scout_autocappedcontrolpoint04 - "No problem!"
    scout_autocappedintelligence01 - "Yeah, it's ours now!"
    scout_autocappedintelligence02 - "I'm not even winded."
    scout_autocappedintelligence03 - "I got it, i got it, i got it!"
    scout_autodejectedtie01 - "You have got to be kidding!"
    scout_autodejectedtie02 - "You gotaa b kidding me!"
    scout_autodejectedtie03 - "I cannot believe this"
    scout_autodejectedtie04 - "Ohargh!"
    scout_autoonfire01 - "Fire! Fire! Fire!"
    scout_autoonfire02 - "Oh i'm burning! i'm burning!"
    scout_battlecry01 - "Play ball!"
    scout_battlecry02 - "Lets get 'em!"
    scout_battlecry03 - "Eat my dust!"
    scout_battlecry04 - "Woo hoo!"
    scout_battlecry05 - "Les waste 'em!"
    scout_cheers01 - "Yes!"
    scout_cheers02 - "I did it!"
    scout_cheers03 - "Woo hoo hoo!"
    scout_cheers04 - "Sweet."
    scout_cheers05 - "Wicked!"
    scout_cheers06 - "Oh yeah!"
    scout_cloakedspy01 - "Yeah there's a spy over there!"
    scout_cloakedspy02 - "Spy!"
    scout_cloakedspy03 - "There's a spy over here!"
    scout_cloakedspy04 - "We got a spy!"
    scout_cloakedspyidentify01 - "The freakin' scout is a spy."
    scout_cloakedspyidentify02 - "The freakin' soldier is a spy."
    scout_cloakedspyidentify03 - "The freakin' heavy is a spy.
    scout_cloakedspyidentify04 - "That freakin' pyro is a spy."
    scout_cloakedspyidentify05 - "The freakin' demo is a spy."
    scout_cloakedspyidentify06 - "That spy ain't one of us."
    scout_cloakedspyidentify07 - "That freakin' medic is a spy."
    scout_cloakedspyidentify08 - "That freakin' hardhat is a spy."
    scout_cloakedspyidentify09 - "That freakin' sniper is a spy."
    scout_generic01 - " anyone even paying attention to me?"
    scout_go01 - "Lets go! Lets go! Lets go!"
    scout_go02 - "Lets go!"
    scout_go03 - "Go Go Go!"
    scout_go04 - "Would'ya just lets go.
    scout_goodjob01 - "At'a Boy!"
    scout_goodjob02 - "That's what i'm talking about!"
    scout_goodjob03 - "Dat was all you."
    scout_goodjob04 - "All right yeah.. nah thats a pretty good job."
    scout_headleft01 - "Alright go left!"
    scout_headleft02 - "Go left!"
    scout_headleft03 - "Left left left!"
    scout_headright01 - "Go right!"
    scout_headright02 - "Yeah lets go to the right!"
    scout_headright03 - "Right right right!"
    scout_helpme01 - "Help!"
    scout_helpme02 - "Yo! a little help here"
    scout_helpme03 - "I'm dying here."
    scout_helpme04 - "Err.. Little help"
    scout_helpmecapture01 - "Yo i need help capping!"
    scout_helpmecapture02 - "I'm capping over here, who's with me?"
    scout_helpmecapture03 - "Am i going to have to capture this thing by myself?"
    scout_helpmedefend01 - "Get over here and help me defend."
    scout_helpmedefend02 - "Defend the frickin' point!"
    scout_helpmedefend03 - "What am i going to have to defend this thing by myself?"
    scout_incoming01 - "Incomming!"
    scout_incoming02 - "Yo! Incoming!"
    scout_incoming03 - "Incoming!"
    scout_jeers02 - "Boooooo!"
    scout_jeers03 - "Pffft!"
    scout_jeers04 - "'Fricking un-believable!"
    scout_jeers05 - "This did not just happen!"
    scout_jeers06 - "This sucks on ice."
    scout_jeers07 - "No seriously, you all suck."
    scout_jeers08 - "What the hell is your guys problem?"
    scout_jeers09 - "Ah gees!"
    scout_jeers10 - "This sucks!"
    scout_jeers11 - "What the hell was that crap?"
    scout_jeers12 - "This is a real frickin' embarrassment"
    scout_laughevil01 - "Laugh"
    scout_laughevil02 - "Laugh"
    scout_laughevil03 - "Laugh"
    scout_laughhappy01 - "Laugh"
    scout_laughhappy02 - "Laugh, You got owned!"
    scout_laughhappy03 - "Laugh"
    scout_laughhappy04 - "Laugh"
    scout_laughlong01 - "Laugh"
    scout_laughlong02 - "Laugh"
    scout_laughshort01 - "Laugh"
    scout_laughshort02 - "Laugh"
    scout_laughshort03 - "Laugh"
    scout_laughshort04 - "Laugh"
    scout_laughshort05 - "Laugh"
    scout_medic01 - "Medic!"
    scout_medic02 - "Medic!"
    scout_medic03 - "Doc! C'mon man!"
    scout_moveup01 - "Move it up, move it up!"
    scout_moveup02 - "C'mon move it up!"
    scout_moveup03 - "Lets move it up!"
    scout_needdispenser01 - "Need a dispenser here!"
    scout_needsentry01 - "Need a sentry here."
    scout_needteleporter01 - "Need a teleporter here!"
    scout_negativevocalization01 - "Argh."
    scout_negativevocalization02 - "We are screwed."
    scout_negativevocalization03 - "Stupid! stupid! Stupid!"
    scout_negativevocalization04 - "Dorgh!"
    scout_negativevocalization05 - "Okay, this does not look good here, erm."
    scout_niceshot01 - "Nice shot!"
    scout_niceshot02 - "Ey, nice shootin' there!"
    scout_niceshot03 - "Wait a go slugger!"
    scout_no01 - "Err. No."
    scout_no02 - "No."
    scout_no03 - "No way."
    scout_positivevocalization01 - "Laugh."
    scout_positivevocalization02 - "Alright!"
    scout_positivevocalization03 - "Yo, we're on fire!"
    scout_positivevocalization04 - "Woo!"
    scout_positivevocalization05 - "Da's what i'm talking about!"
    scout_sentryahead01 - "Sentry ahead!"
    scout_sentryahead02 - "Sentry up there!"
    scout_sentryahead03 - "They got a sentry up there."
    scout_specialcompleted-assistedkill01 - "Wait'a go pally."
    scout_specialcompleted-assistedkill02 - "We got'em, we got'em"
    scout_specialcompleted01 - "Eat it fatty!"
    scout_specialcompleted02 - "Boink!"
    scout_specialcompleted03 - "Bonk!"
    scout_specialcompleted04 - "Yo, batter up!"
    scout_specialcompleted05 - "Wave goodbye to your scared crap dumbass!"
    scout_specialcompleted06 - "Yo! i oughta be on a baseball card!"
    scout_specialcompleted07 - "I'm battin' a thousand!"
    scout_specialcompleted09 - "Ey! is somebody keeping track of my heads batted in?!"
    scout_specialcompleted10 - "I broke your stupid crap moron!"
    scout_specialcompleted11 - "How's that feel wimp!"
    scout_specialcompleted12 - "You got anything smart to say now?!"
    scout_standonthepoint01 - "Stand on the frickin' point moron."
    scout_standonthepoint02 - "What the hell is wrong with you? stand on the frickin' point!"
    scout_standonthepoint03 - "Get on the frickin' point dumbass!"
    scout_standonthepoint04 - "Would you kindly move your ass to the frickin' point?!"
    scout_standonthepoint05 - "How's the weather over there dumbass, get to the frickin' point!"
    scout_thanks01 - "Thanks pally!"
    scout_thanks02 - "Thanks!"
    scout_thanksfortheheal01 - "Alright, i feel good."
    scout_thanksfortheheal02 - "Orrgh. Yeah thanks doc!"
    scout_thanksfortheheal03 - "Thanks doc!"
    scout_thanksfortheteleporter01 - "Thanks for the ride!"
    scout_thanksfortheteleporter02 - "Hey good job there hardhat!"
    scout_thanksfortheteleporter03 - "Thanks for that tough guy!"
    scout_yes01 - "Yeah"
    scout_yes02 - "Yeah, got ya!"
    scout_yes03 - "Got ya!"
  19. How about instead of messing with stupid classes just stick with pyro only, complaining fixed.
  20. Geit Coding wizard!


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