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  1. Protantus

    Alright most of you don't know much about him but I'll try to explain this as much as I can.

    This evening (Thursday) Protantus messaged me about his concern about not being welcome here anymore. I would like you to pay him respect, without him this clan would never have made it to this point.

    When me, core and all the others from [GL] decided to make a new clan (GM) we forgot that Spitfire(former leader of [GL]) hosted the servers. Core quickly started a server on his computer for some time but we were in a bad condition. After Darkimmortal had successfully created the main page he opened a PayPal account and shortly we got few donations. However, the little cash we got wasn't enough for a new server but then, like a gift from above, we got a big donation(Not saying how much). Seeing that he was going to donate monthly, we got a small and cheap dedi. We opened 2 servers but after a while Protantus increased the amount donated each month and we bought the one we use today, the quad core one. For over 6 months he sponsored our Dedi and I can truly say; without him this clan would never have succeeded to this point where we are now.

    Now after Darkimmortal gets the dedi for free Protantus no longer needs to donate, making him feel like he's not wanted here anymore. I wanted to fix that, so I made a new rank for him.

    He is now, The Godfather.

    That rank is not exactly a member, but it's not a community member either. This should show you guys that he has done to much, and deserves more respect. I would love if you could show him that respect he deserves by helping him play some PUG's when he's online. Bear in mind that his work takes alot of his time, so he's not always online.

    Click Here to add him to friends on steam if you don't have him already.

    Thanks, Alpha.
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  2. Th-

    Re: Protantus

    Hi man. I wanted to let you know Protantus, that I am not aware of anything that would suggest you are not welcome here.

    Take it easy, join a server to have a blast and chill mate :D... oh I am sry, I meant ...Don Vito Protantus! *bows in reverence*
  3. Re: Protantus

    lol Prot mate, you wanna play some PUGGIES? just let me know when you wanna play, if i have time, ill play with ya no problem, im now probably a member that plays them most often :) (have like 130 played so far and increasing, usually about 2-3 per day)
  4. Re: Protantus


    btw we were good engineer team mates in the early stages when goldrush/badwater came out, remember.

  5. Re: Protantus

    I am also not aware of any bad feeling towards you.

    I have always had alot of time and respect for you Protantus; however the "good" heavies such as Bennett and Sandman on the other hand.... :lol:

  6. Re: Protantus

    :( ahh not nice.

    But no in all seriousness, your a good bloke protantus and there should be no reason for you to think of any bad feelings towards your self. ;)
  7. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: Protantus

    holy crappy! :O
    Ofc you're welcome! :D
    Cya ingame, we'll have some fun!
  8. Re: Protantus

    I am not aware of any ill-feelings towards Protantus so don't know where this can have come from :? We had a hell of a game last night so I would like to think you know how much GM values you :)
  9. Re: Protantus

    Don Protolomeo ;)

    man everyone should know what u have done for the clan, at least I know it since I asked core what he pays for the servers ;)

    u mustn´t think we just wanted u here to pay the servers Oo

    ofc u r welcome Oo
  10. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: Protantus

    Where'd you get that idea from Pro 0.o

    You're more than just welcome, man..we're guests on your servers ^^ it's us ungrateful ones who should feel unwelcome, jeez. :lol:
  11. XOo

    Re: Protantus

    I don´t know him that much but i welcome every member in this clan, sry if we have been a problem to you
  12. Protantus Original Member

    Re: Protantus


    U have no idea how much that means to me. I have loved playing on these servers but all good things come to an end. I will continue to wear the |GM| tag with pride, but after consideration, I do not believe I can remain within the clan. I will be playing the servers when possible and I wish all of you the best in creating a strong and successful clan.

    I would like to make clear that this is not about being unwelcome, indeed I have had nothing but joy in playing with each of you. I have loved my time here and would especially like to thank Core and Dark, without whom my TF2 adventure would have not started.

  13. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: Protantus

    I think I speak for everyone when I say that the clan owes you a great debt of gratitude for helping to build this clan's foundation. We won't forget you. Please stay in touch.

    I Am Nomad
  14. Re: Protantus

    :( Sorry to read this Protantus - all I can say is thank you for everything you've done to make GM what it is today, and hopefully i'll see you on one of the servers soon :)

    Take care mate,

  15. Re: Protantus

    Was quiet bit shocked when you suddenly said that to me on steam.

    Your always welcome on the servers aswell the forums whenever you feel like to. Keep in touch, if this is your decision I'll support it :)
  16. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: Protantus



    It took me about 15 mins to find it. Damn....

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  17. Re: Protantus

    Eherm.. yeah "keep in touch" sounds gay >.<

    I should give you a warning for that but as I laughed I can't :P

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