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    Hey guys I know there have been some posts on how to properly set up PUG's but I don't exactly know in which topic... And since everyone has to have at least 2 demos in PUG's to apply to [GM] I thought it might be handy to have the explanation here.
    (so I can also start doing PUG's :D )

    So can anyone explain PUG here or paste a link to a good explanation?

    P.S. I don't have a mic but is that a problem when I apply to become a full [GM] member?
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    Re: PUG's

    Mic isn't mandatory for PUG's but Ventrilo is (latest version).

    The one thing is try to avoid typing because theres not many situations where you can, just do as they say (most people on PUGs are around div 4 - 5 so you should get a good team.

    PS if you get steamrolled dont blame yourself ;)

    blame your medic
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    Re: PUG's

    And what might Ventrilo be Eon?
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    Re: PUG's

    Hey Garion thnx for helping me (and Eon of course :D ) but is that Ventrilo absolutely necessary? cuz I dowloaded it but than I can't install it b/c my processor doesn't support it...
  6. Re: PUG's

    it sure is... which processor do you use? :O
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    Re: PUG's

    How not :S

    And for pickups its manditory.
  8. Re: PUG's

    you sure? try to download it once more and check if the size of the file in bytes is same

    if not, try the new one, if yes, take a screenshot of error you are getting while trying to install it and post it here
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    Re: PUG's

    I have to get the latest version right? well that's 3.0 mb and I'm currently downloading that
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    Re: PUG's

    The version before the latest does work so can I use that one or not?
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    latest version - Windows i386 - 32bit (Version 3.0.1)
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    Re: PUG's

    dunno only way to find out is to try ;)

    Hostname / IP:
    Port number: 28960
    Password: tf2pickupVent

    For pickup vent.
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    Re: PUG's

    lol I have those and that's working (I thought the version was the newest :D )
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    Re: PUG's

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    Re: PUG's

    Ok thnx for all your support guys Garion is helping me through Steam chat right now I'll post the conversation here later (to make everything absolutely clear :D )
  16. Re: PUG's

    Never tell your password to anyone.
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: yes plz
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: that'd be cool mate
    [GM'E] Garion: so what do you wanna know?
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: from booting up X-chat to the actual PUG playing plz
    [GM'E] Garion: ok, dont have xchat, but it should be similar
    [GM'E] Garion: first you need to connect to the server called Quakenet
    [GM'E] Garion: address should be irc.quakenet.org
    [GM'E] Garion: try to find it in xchat
    [GM'E] Garion: yeah, first setup your nick name, should be pretty much the same you will use in game
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: x-chat is so complicated man...
    [GM'E] Garion: then click on the quakenet and press connect
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: yes I've logged in but than it's hard...
    [GM'E] Garion: (ive just installed it)
    [GM'E] Garion: ok, you should see a dialog called XChat: Connection complete
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: ok connected to Quakenet
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: lol you're an operatoer there?
    [GM'E] Garion: now pick the join this channel option and write mpuktf2.pickup behind the #
    [GM'E] Garion: nah, im not
    [GM'E] Garion: just a coincidence :)
    [GM'E] Garion: and click ok
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: ok I'm in I think :D
    [GM'E] Garion: yeah, but i can see only |GM| in your name
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: how do I change that?
    [GM'E] Garion: click on the |GM| you have next to the line you write to
    [GM'E] Garion: Enter new nickname dialog should appear
    [GM'E] Garion: put like |GM|Robbiebob in there or just Robbiebob
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: ok sry but there was phone ringing...
    [GM'E] Garion: np, just try to change it :)
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: sry how was it again? what is the first command?
    [GM'E] Garion: click on the |GM| you have next to the line you write to at the bottom of the window
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: oh lol just click on it.. ^^
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: it says "nickname while banned on channel or channel is moderated"
    [GM'E] Garion: yeah, its odd, it tells me too but i can change it in the other client with no problem, gonna take another look, mmt
    [GM'E] Garion: ok, you need to quit the channel, RMB to #mpuk... on the left and choose close
    [GM'E] Garion: then change your name
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: sry but what's RMB?
    [GM'E] Garion: right mouse button
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: ok got it
    [GM'E] Garion: yeah, much better :)
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: ^^
    [GM'E] Garion: now a little thing - i can see xchat has a bad color scheme, so we will change one color
    [GM'E] Garion: click on settings-preferences
    [GM'E] Garion: then to colors
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: ok
    [GM'E] Garion: youll see two lines of colors
    [GM'E] Garion: change colors 7 and 23 to some kind of orange
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: can they be the same or not?
    [GM'E] Garion: yeah, ofc
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: ok done
    [GM'E] Garion: then click on ok
    [GM'E] Garion: ah, bad one
    [GM'E] Garion: change 23 back to sth else
    [GM'E] Garion: black should be ok
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: ok and 7 is ok as orange?
    [GM'E] Garion: yup
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: ok thnx
    [GM'E] Garion: ok, now in the channel (in the middle) you should see a message like
    [GM'E] Garion: TF2PickupBot has changed the topic to: (10/12) [ Gather(Low?): TDS-AlundrA - iDemise\pure - Larree - Titoh - TDS-Leon - MAD_MIKE - TDS|Nova - ctrl-tf2|zps` - baNanaZ - x | Medics: MGWildCard - x ] - [ Maps: cp_badlands(5), cp_well(1), cp_gravelpit(1) ]
    [GM'E] Garion: and the names are in orange (that is why we changed it)
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: yes I see that
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: maps in black
    [GM'E] Garion: true
    [GM'E] Garion: these are the names of players which are added to next game
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: by typing "!add" right?
    [GM'E] Garion: yeah, but dont do that yet
    [GM'E] Garion: do you have vent set up?
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: nope but I've downloaded it
    [GM'E] Garion: ok, install it and run it
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: ok I've changed my name already
    [GM'E] Garion: ok, click on the -> next to the server field
    [GM'E] Garion: there click on new and name it somehow
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: does that matter?
    [GM'E] Garion: nah
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: ok
    [GM'E] Garion: just the name of pickup ventrilo server, only for your use
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: ok should I also do something with the hostname/IP, port number etc?
    [GM'E] Garion: yeah
    [GM'E] Garion: IP
    [GM'E] Garion: port number 28960
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: pass?
    [GM'E] Garion: password tf2pickupVent
    [GM'E] Garion: and i have all the choices under that checked
    [GM'E] Garion: now click ok
    [GM'E] Garion: and connect
    [GM'E] Garion: you are in
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: ok
    [GM'E] Garion: now when the pickup will be full, the bot will tell you what server you need to use and in what team you are
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: in X-chat right?
    [GM'E] Garion: right
    [GM'E] Garion: you join the channel by double clicking on the red/blue in the ventrilo
    [GM'E] Garion: in the correct server
    [GM'E] Garion: try to change to bytes liquor store in the general area you are in
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: sry where is this located?
    [GM'E] Garion: like 6 lines under your name
    [GM'E] Garion: and i am in
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: how do I get there??
    [GM'E] Garion: double click on the bytes liquor store
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: oh lol
    [GM'E] Garion: yeah, it took me an hour to figure that out :)
    [GM'E] Garion: no change back to general
    [GM'E] Garion: *now
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: ok
    [GM'E] Garion: ok, that is exactly what you do when you want to join the team channel and then join back when the game ends
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: the PUG?
    [GM'E] Garion: yeah
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: in Vent?
    [GM'E] Garion: yeah
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: ok... hard to remember :D
    [GM'E] Garion: yeah, but youll get used to it
    [GM'E] Garion: now for the xchat
    [GM'E] Garion: commands are
    [GM'E] Garion: !add for adding to the PUG
    [GM'E] Garion: !del for removing from the PUG (like you cant play anymore, sometimes you wait like 30 mins)
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: and than it auto-boots up TF2? (after !add)
    [GM'E] Garion: !map mapname to vote for some map you wanna play
    [GM'E] Garion: nah, it doesnt
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: so I have to boot it up..? do I get an IP and password or something than ?
    [GM'E] Garion: when the game is full, youll see a message like red: blue: with team and then youll get a message "join server 85.xx.xx.xx port xxxx"
    [GM'E] Garion: maybe even a psswd
    [GM'E] Garion: then you start TF2
    [GM'E] Garion: press ~ (next to 1 in the keybord
    [GM'E] Garion: )
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: what does the port mean?
    [GM'E] Garion: and copy this message there and press enter, you will get autoconnected
    [GM'E] Garion: port is a computer thingy regarding internet/LAN, im not in the mood to explain that, sorry :)
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: that enough explanation ^^
    [GM'E] Garion: ok, mmt
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: ok np
    [GM'E] Garion: ok, to enable the ~ key in TF2 you need to go to options-keybord-advanced and check Enable developers console
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: I already have that on (to record stuff etc :) )
    [GM'E] Garion: ok :)
    [GM'E] Garion: ok, lets add to the next pickup
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: both?
    [GM'E] Garion: yeah, will try to play with you
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: by !add in X-chat
    [GM'E] Garion: yeah
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: now?
    [GM'E] Garion: it says paused now
    [GM'E] Garion: when you see the oragne message with - - - - instead of names, type it
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: ok
    [GM'E] Garion: now :)
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: with X's between them?
    [GM'E] Garion: yeah
    [GM'E] Garion: type !add and enter
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: can't get in...
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: it says "cannot send to channel"
    [GM'E] Garion: ok, will see
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: so now we wait again?
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: could it be b/c I still am in general store in ventrilo?
    [GM'E] Garion: brb
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: k...
    [GM'E] Garion: btw the connecting message:
    [GM'E] Garion: Use [Server 2] Ventrilo(3.01): port 28960 password: tf2pickupVent -- TF2: connect ; password tf2pickup
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: mom plz
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB: moment*
    Lost connection to Steam, will rejoin chat automatically when connection regained.
    |GM| ®ØBB13BØB is now Offline.
    Lost connection to Steam, will rejoin chat automatically when connection regained.
    Lost connection to Steam, will rejoin chat automatically when connection regained.
    Lost connection to Steam, will rejoin chat automatically when connection regained.
    Lost connection to Steam, will rejoin chat automatically when connection regained.

    G4r10n: yeah, sorry
    G4r10n: steam seems offline
    Robbiebob: failing internet connection?
    G4r10n: yup
    G4r10n: ok, so
    G4r10n: the message
    G4r10n: Use [Server 2] Ventrilo(3.01): port 28960 password: tf2pickupVent -- TF2: connect ; password tf2pickup
    G4r10n: then you will find server 2 in ventrilo and change to appropriate channel (red/blue)
    Robbiebob: so I have to disconnect first?
    G4r10n: from vent? no, if you roll down, you will see servers with players in it
    G4r10n: in the main window
    Robbiebob: X-chat?
    G4r10n: ventrilo
    Robbiebob: ...
    G4r10n: you will get the message in xchat
    G4r10n: but it contains info about ventrilo too
    G4r10n: so if it says Use [Server 2] you will connect to Server 2 in ventrilo
    Robbiebob: ooh in ventrilo scrolling down.. 1 is being played in and 2 not atm?
    G4r10n: true
    Robbiebob: than double click at +server 2 pick?
    G4r10n: and you will Ctrl+C the "connect ; password tf2pickup" part of the message which you will paste into the console in TF2
    G4r10n: double click on the team color (Blu/Red)
    Robbiebob: ok you join a team and I follow you
    G4r10n: we might be in the opposing teams, its random
    Robbiebob: oh...
    Robbiebob: so jsut a team?
    G4r10n: but for now - try to join red in server 7
    Robbiebob: ok
    G4r10n: ok, that is the way
    G4r10n: and for the xchat issue
    G4r10n: you need to register to the bot first
    G4r10n: so type
    G4r10n: /msg Q hello EMAIL EMAIL
    G4r10n: EMAIL = yout true email address (full and twice, yeah)
    G4r10n: like
    G4r10n: /msg Q hello robbie@bob.com robbie@bob.com
    Robbiebob: ok I have to change my name to something with []{}| etc...
    G4r10n: just remove the |GM|
    Robbiebob: yea I did
    G4r10n: and stay Robbiebob only
    Robbiebob: what was the name of the channel again?
    Robbiebob: mpuk#2?
    G4r10n: #mpuktf2.pickup
    Robbiebob: ok and now I have to check my email right?
    G4r10n: you can add it to your favories by RMB on the channel name on the left
    G4r10n: yeah, send the message and check email
    G4r10n: in the email, it will say sth like
    G4r10n: /msg Q@CServe.quakenet.org AUTH <your_name> <your pass>
    G4r10n: you need to copy/paste it into xchat and you will get authorized
    Robbiebob: hold on plz
    Robbiebob: checking my email first :)
    G4r10n: yup
    Robbiebob: ok now I'm logged in, gonna change my pass
    G4r10n: ok, change it
    G4r10n: you need to authorize everytime you connect to xchat, but ive created a command to do that, tell me when you are ready
    Robbiebob: changed it
    Robbiebob: so I'm ready :)
    Robbiebob: so everytime it's /msg Q@CServe.quakenet.org AUTH Robbiebob [password]?
    G4r10n: nah, will tell ya
    G4r10n: click on settings-advanced-user commands
    Robbiebob: hurry than plz cuz I have to go in 2 mins... but I'll save our chats
    Robbiebob: ok I'm there
    G4r10n: click on add new
    G4r10n: insted of *NEW* type AUTH
    G4r10n: insted of EDIT ME type quote auth Robbiebob [password]
    G4r10n: and click on save
    Robbiebob: without a / ?
    G4r10n: yeah
    Robbiebob: and not capitals in auth?
    G4r10n: nah
    G4r10n: just how i wrote it
    Robbiebob: ok and than save it
    G4r10n: and now when you join quakenet and the channel, just type /auth and you will get authorized
    G4r10n: yup
    G4r10n: you have to go now?
    Robbiebob: AUTH is not available once you have authed...
    Robbiebob: so I'm already authed?
    G4r10n: yeah, you are authorized now, but when you close xchat and start it again, the /auth will work
    G4r10n: just try to write sth in the channel ;)
    Robbiebob: ok thnx and than I boot up x-chat, ventrilo and tf2?
    G4r10n: yeah
    G4r10n: those apps dont communicate with each other
    G4r10n: they are totally separate
    Robbiebob: and in X-chat it's !add, than I get an IP and port (and pass) and I can play a PUG?
    G4r10n: yup
    Robbiebob: but I ALWAYS have to boot up ventrilo as well?
    G4r10n: you will connect to right "room" in the ventrilo, boot up tf2 and connect to server
    Robbiebob: ok thnx got it ^^
    G4r10n: yeah, you have, cause everyone will talk through ventrilo ingame
    Robbiebob: now I have to go XD
    G4r10n: ok :)
    Robbiebob: thnx so much man
    G4r10n: np
    Robbiebob: I play on tomorrow :)
    G4r10n: ok :)
    Robbiebob: cya
    G4r10n: bb
  17. Re: PUG's

    here it is, total step-by-step walkthrough :)
  18. Re: PUG's

    well that's what i wrote, right.
  19. Re: PUG's

    yeah, it is, you said everything one need to know, but some ppl are just not that good with computers than others

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