Quake Live beta

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Garion, 9 Feb 2009.

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    Hm, i don't have an invitation :(
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    ok, just played it, we definitely must have a Quake Live section :D its fooking intense
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    still got 10 invites i reckon, if i get my pc working again, i'll send you some. Name + email needed.
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    they dont like me :( :( was gonna send them now and it doesnt show any more of them. Guess they are limited and if you dont use them asap, the others do it....
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    they release them in batches so they will reappear soon.

    awesome game thats all i can say even if im noob at quake bunnyhopping i still love it

    ive got about 5 invites left but may have to wait until the next batch before i can send more out

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