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    Going to find out tonight if I'm moving house or not and if I am, I might be inactive for a few weeks until the new internet gets sorted out at the new place along with the BT line. I'll update this thread later on to say if I am or not :)

    edit: I'm going to be inactive from the coming monday. I'll try to play on sat or sunday if I'm not helping move things around. x
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    rs links plz.


    gud luck with your moving, I hate moving, and only moved twice :P

    Fast.John.HDTV.XviD-NoTV. :mrgreen:
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    aye good luck with the moving n all... even if it is like a footstep away from where you are now xD why o why? lol
    lol BT are useless...

    cheers for the heads up ray. ppl keep dissapearing without saying anything ='(

    got the urge to watch something now... mmmm...
  4. Ray

    Re: Ray.Might.Be.Inactive.XVID.LOL

    BT are pathetic to be honest, I'm going to phone them up on friday or sat and ask them to move the number over to the new address, hope they do it fast. After that lengthy process I'm going to have to ring up Be*.

  5. Ray

    Re: Ray.Might.Be.Inactive.XVID.LOL

    Third update. I should be back within a week. I've noticed my rank drop ALOT. *Sigh*
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    lol, stats been reset. ;)

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