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Should Vacoy and gRend be re-recruited using the normal process.

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  1. eoN


    A few people have said they want them re-recruited so i though i'd post this

    This isnt a 100% difinitive thing this is just so the leaders can see everyones opinions

    Everyone can vote 5 times (if i did it right)

    So feel free to change your vote at any time

    Leaders dont HAVE to do anyhting about htis only if they decide they want to.

    PS this is about Vacoy and gRend and anyone else who left and wants to rejoin

    Also this would give the new recruitment process a chance to try out (remember they only need to tick 2 of the boxes to get in)

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  2. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: Re-recruiting

    to keep it fair I won't vote on this one then.
    But I don't want to be an ass. I like Bamm
    but didn't he rejoined as well?
  3. eoN

    Re: Re-recruiting

    That was before and it wasnt a rage quit like you and gRends.

    Also Vacoy you should pass this easy so dont worry. So should gRend if he tries this is just to get you two to try not to get you two kicked out

    PS E is not currently a match team because they dont play matches so lets not even bring E into this please.

    PPS Pickup truck in my opinion should be 5 pugs as seen as its over 2 weeks :P

    BEcause usually first PUG sucks because you get thrashed or you dont connect fast enough and get a 24 hour ban etc (happened to me) also you may run into a high skill pug if you do RUNNNNNNNNNN seriously no one in GM can win at high skilled (Genesis could probably have a + score but hes just crazy xD
  4. Re: Re-recruiting

    @vacoy u have allready good communication skills so u only have to play some pugs and u are in
  5. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: Re-recruiting

    Look I don't really care about me maybe not getting in. I just think everyone should be judged the same.
  6. Re: Re-recruiting

    The recruitment thingy shizzle hasn't been finally decided yet, so take it with a grain of salt.
  7. Re: Re-recruiting

    this is absurd eon. really.

    u guys (tricky/eon/kj/genesis) don´t want us back in clan.

    E IS a match team, so we can handle it as much as we want.

    already said this to guys sound like a little child who wants to be the hardest in the sandbox, isn´t that and then goes and cry at mamas titties.

    btw, three days is a bit short for the vote eon...
  8. eoN

    Re: Re-recruiting

    This is just to show people that you cant just leave a clan then come back a few days later after flaming and whining and still expect to be greeted with open arms.
  9. Re: Re-recruiting

    Just to correct it.. if you pass the vote... you are welcome in GM.
  10. eoN

    Re: Re-recruiting

    Fs its a vote to see peoples opinions and im not making it longer because everyone usually plays / checks the forums at least every few days so they will see it.

    And core i know but it would be a good way ot see if it works or maybe wait til one has been decided then use that?

    And Spyko no i dont im just making it so people can see everyone OPINIONS!
  11. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: Re-recruiting

    I didn't expect to be greeted with open arms. I knew we would get flamed again.
    But this decision isn't up for you guys. It's for the leaders, so Please ask them first.
    Give them your opinion, that's how we should all do it. They will come with their solution. That's how a clan works, or SHOULD work.
  12. Re: Re-recruiting

    If they were once in GM and weren't forcefully removed then they can return at any time. However, on further rejoinings the recruitment system would probably be reapplied.

    And E will be a match team at some point, we just got slightly hindered by the fact that most of the good players are already taken by the other teams :(
  13. eoN

    Re: Re-recruiting

    This is for the leaders to see our opinions etc on it, as i've said....
  14. Re: Re-recruiting

    you just pass over the way everything goes. first ask the leaders. where is the problem?

    wait! I know the problem! the leaders are on our side!

    damn, that is really a huge problem.. :roll:
  15. Re: Re-recruiting

    that is the way t goes tricky...

    If you don´t like it...the door is open :)
  16. Re: Re-recruiting

    BTW, any of our members are free to make a topic like this, but if the leaders disagree, we can overrule it.

    However, they do not have to check the leaders opinion before posting.

    @Tricky: Yes, because GM values its members.
  17. eoN

    Re: Re-recruiting

    From what ive heard this is actually a lie, id love it if the leaders could clarify this before it gets into even MORE of an arguement.
  18. Re: Re-recruiting

    Go back a page ;)
  19. eoN

    Re: Re-recruiting

    This is why i joined GM.
  20. Re: Re-recruiting

    so who told you that this is a lie?

    would be great if you could say thios, too...
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