Recording Session(25/01/09)

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2' started by Geit, 25 Jan 2009.

  1. Geit Coding wizard!

    Recording Session(25/01/09)

    At 8:50 PM GMT on 25/01/09 (today) SourceTV will be joining TF#3 and recording an hour of gameplay.

    This is so some footage for a Clan promotion video can be captured, See discos thread for more information.

    Thanks for reading,

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    Maybe turn all talk on half way through to get both views of GM servers i.e. the gaming side with tactics, then the friendly side of GM with all talk on? (not sure up to you guys) :)

  3. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Recording Session(25/01/09)

    It's all talk on for the whole hour or alltalk off for the whole hour.... The source TV demo would get very confusing if it wasn't.
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    Stv just pwnd the server...
  5. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Recording Session(25/01/09)

    Naw, changelevel just pwned the server, all fine and dandy now, recording ends at 10.
  6. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Recording Session(25/01/09)

    Recording complete!

    Demo file:

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    I'm gutted I missed this session... :(
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    Damn, this was far from my finest hour.. :?
  9. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Recording Session(25/01/09)

    There may/will be more.
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    Im gutted you missed it too sandman ;) There were no Cats Lickin' at anyone lastnight - BOOOO !!!! :lol:
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    Put this file into your tf2 folder, then run tf2 and open console by pressing the ` button, then type playdemo spamfest and it should work. you can zoom around the game and watch yourself or anyone as the battle progresses. It's great :) Maybe a good tool to analyse matches? You guys probably know this already don't you.....

    PS OMG I am sooo sorry! I didn't realise how much I talked, and it's not even a manly Spartan voice!

    I apologise to you all and I promise to be much quieter in future..... :(

    Disco "the quiet heavy" Indigo
  12. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Recording Session(25/01/09)

    I actually prefer to use the demo console to play demos, just press SHIFT+F2 any-time in game to bring it up.

    We do use sourceTV on the match server, to kick off its recording process just rcon tv_record demoname When your done rcon tv_stop

    PS Your talking is part of the reason we have so many regulars. :P
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  14. Th-

    Re: Recording Session(25/01/09)

    LOL Disco... was this the first time ever you heard your own voice? Its so weird!!! hahhah...

    If it helps any bit, nobody knows how their voice sounds before the hear it recorded.

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