Relax... Clear your thoughts.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Overdrive, 25 Sep 2008.

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  1. Relax... Clear your thoughts.

    As members of GM, WE need to guide it through troubles and resolve problems. Theres been alot going on recently and its hard to listen to what people have to say, so just thought id post this topic where ppl can express their views wifout it breaking into a riot and interupted. People have probably had conversations between other people but not everyone knows about it, and since were in the same boat here, i suggest that everyone has the rite to hear it.

    Constructive ideas would be great.
    If it can be avoided, try not to mention anything thats occurred & targeting specific people please. Past has happened, future is what troubles us.
    If you agree on someone elses view, apply reasoning & your own interpretation of it(e.g. improvements of it).

    Post ONCE. This gives people time to think about what they want to say.
    Edit your post if you have anything to add but DO NOT alter your original statement.
    DO NOT reply to or flame anyones post. This is your OWN view of what YOU think.


    My view: Relationship between members in GM.

    Atm there seems to be a big divide in groups and some people are taking aggressive action where it is not needed. This just escalates as others become involved and repeat the same process. We have conducts that we shud abide to, their there to help the clan run.
    Leaders in any society will do things that people will agree/disagree to. We should support them to the very best we can and reply with feedback, not rant.

    There were other issues id like to have picked up upon, but theres just too much going on atm and kinda forgot about it. just need a break

  2. Re: Relax... Clear your thoughts.

    With all the people leaving and everything falling apart... we have to think of what's causing this. The problem is disagreements about how the clan is run and attitudes amongst its members. I think we should have an organized clan chat to vote/voice our opinions about current policies and rules. Also, i believe some members should be more sensitive of others feelings before saying something that might be hurtful... that's my two cents 8-)
  3. eoN

    Re: Relax... Clear your thoughts.

    I wont name names but this needs to be fixed otherwise more will leave. I think the people that are in the wrong and you know who you are should be mature and apologize, no excuses just say sorry nothing else.
  4. eoN

    Re: Relax... Clear your thoughts.

    Holy mother of god! Tricky is saying something mature! Wow tricky i know officially love you <3 xD

    Seriously your right, if you have real life issues talk to your friends about them through steam chat etc not on the forum. I think only things that affect others on the forum like lets say your going to college etc or something that will stop you from playing as much or your going on holiday apart from that real life problems should stay in life and you should push them onto other people, not just because some dont care also because some dont need to know.
  5. Re: Relax... Clear your thoughts.

    I agree with the second part... first part, not so much. some People have to realize that this is a community, not a place to insult each other. Some people need to realize that people that aren't on teams are in the clan too, and equal to those in teams. Some people need to get their head out of their ass and actually try to be pleasant to be around.
  6. eoN

    Re: Relax... Clear your thoughts.

    Okay from my point of view i think this clan is in two pieces one with the competitive gamers who want to play matches and some dont think there should be pub players in a clan. And a fun part which is for the PUB players etc, I think and this is my opinion that the squads should be saved for competitive gamers BUT also for people that want to become competitive gamers, but this means they need to practice. People cant say they want GM to have competitive gamers recruited when there are so many non competitive gamers in the clan. If the clan wants more competitive gamers the squads should recruit them for the teams and if they want to stay after ETF2L or whatever other competition etc we are in or just clan matches and they want to represent GM and not just a GM squad then they should have to apply but i think GM should also recruit good PUB gamers for the fun side of the clan. This isn't a clan for pro gamers and it isn't a clan for pub gamers its clan for both so either say everyone has to be pros that play a million PUG's or say we want competitive gamers for GM's squads but let the squads recruit for the squads and let the clan recruit for the clan, this way we will keep a balance. The one thing i think should be final is neither the PUB players nor the competitive players should talk down or look down to one an other, just because not everyone wants to become a pro gamer doesn't mean they shouldn't be in a clan GM is a fun clan WITH competitive squads.

    Peanut to be honest i see where your coming from but DON'T do that... if you want to say something like that don't be a nob about it, its rude to go some people etc and maybe you don't mean it in a rude way but think before you rage post or your going to cause more flaming and it will be your fault AND the person that flames you's fault so seriously just don't bother, if you want to express your opinion express it respectfully. You cant say "Some people need to get their head out of their ass and actually try to be pleasant to be around." in such a disrespectful way seriously its so hypocritical. Maybe you didn't mean it like this but just think about how other people may see it.

    If you don't agree with it say why and say what you don't agree with and what you think should be change anyone that flames will be hunted down and bitch slapped :P :lol:
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    This was a nice community until teams were aloud to recruit anybody they want.

    Edit: Reasons why recruiting anybody the teams want is bad:

    1. People could get into the clan that the rest of us might not get along with and would not of been accepted if they went through the proper recruitment process.
    2. It brings people into that clan that the rest of us do not know and a lot of times do not interact with, bringing strangers into the clan is not a good thing.
    3. It seems unfair to people who got in through the recruitment process that teams can accept anybody they want.
    4. It causes people to leave.
    5. Disagreements about this policy have split GM in two; competetive and non-competetive.
  8. Re: Relax... Clear your thoughts.

    He's not being a knob about it, he's right - not sure how that can be seen as a rage post...
  9. eoN

    Re: Relax... Clear your thoughts.

    McPeanut the squads are recruiting for ETF2L because there isn't anyone in clan (from what I've seen) that's willing to practice for it etc etc.

    Its not all just playing fun matches a lot of training is needed.

    And if we don't recruit this clan will die, trust me on that you can't just leave things always the same people will get bored and leave.

    This clan needs the squads because people in it want to play competitively (ie core, darki, me, tricky, myke, pissmidget, etc etc etc etc)

    The teams either need to recruit or they will die to. Its just how things work, unless more of the [GM] members practice more and play more PUGs etc they wont get into the squads because thats what the squads are for, 6v6 competitive gaming.
  10. Re: Relax... Clear your thoughts.

    For one start,

    In the words of Core:
    Main issues with this clan are respect and trust.
    Solve these two and GM is good to go.
    Stay if you want to see things improve.
    Leave if you don't care.

    Respect is the main one to concern about, as you all expect to respect one another, even if you hate whoever, don't backchat or swear on the forums to get your attention, seriously if you hate someone for whatever reason, which the only one I can think of is jealously, ppl get jealous when either someone is in a better team or better than you. Admit it, so that you don't go on and on about it.
    Also there shouldn't be hate around this clan.

    Listen to one another.
    Show your respect on the forums and on the servers.
    Don't swear unless it's necessary(but no, this piss alot of ppl off especially when you mean it)

    Got a problem?
    Deal with one another personally, not public. Keep it between the two of you.
    IF you got a issues about a member in clan which you concern about then speak to the Leaders.

    And read the Bylaws again.


    Another thing
    You don't listen. Those who understand this knows what she/he doing.

    EDIT 2:

    No, I don't mind, it just what YO! wanted this thread to look like, which I accepted it.
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  11. eoN

    Re: Relax... Clear your thoughts.

    If this is about me this is because i normally only read each post once and i find it annoying when i look back and people have edited alot of what they say etc. So to avoid that i double posted a few times sorry if it annoys you that much.
  12. Th-

    Re: Relax... Clear your thoughts.

    Sorry people that I have been away for so long, studying takes most of my time nowadays. Ive read everything that has been going on lately and first I must say that its a sad thing seeing you go Disco :| ...

    About the problems in GM - There has been lots of good input by several members, Protantus, Beau, Myke, Pissmidget, Nomad (btw good to hear from you Nomad) just to name a few, and yes I agree with you guys that respect to fellow members is IMO the biggest problem we have. I want to say something that I feel important...

    TF2 is for fun! GM is for fun, could anyone raise a hand who is a member of GM and does NOT enjoy TF2? I thought so... I myself enjoy both aspects of Team Fortress 2, the public as well as the competitive/teamplay experience. Difference is not the same as inequality. Yes we know that competitive often means you have more skill in TF2 than average players BUT it doesn't make you stand above the others! There is absolutely no reason to talk down to anyone in GM, no matter what happens, cos we are a community in a friendly-social-belonging-meaning of the word.

    The bylaws that Nomad has written for us are an excellent set of guidelines, which we don't follow. Unfortunately. Just imagine how things would be if we all "...conducted ourselves professionally..." -- Like when somebody would insult us the worst way possible, and Tricky would reply with the usual counterbarrage of flame "srsly wtf dude play a real map and l2p...2pyros lol" (no offence Tricky, that's what you've been doing lately to be perfectly honest :D ) but INSTEAD we would go like...

    "We are sry to see you don't take this pcw as seriously as we had agreed. If you'd like a proper scrim some time in the future, go ahead and give us a call. gg bb "

    Have another example where you think that the post someone else made was the worst idea you've seen EVER! So instead of "you're full of shit man" you would reply with

    "I fail to recognize your point, could you be more specific with your arguments on WHY exactly we would do that? I think its a bad idea because 1)... 2)... 3)... etc." At this point I believe most ppl will be surprised by the difference in points of view between themselves and the other members. I remember the time as a private in the armed forces, I couldn't for the life of me figure why THE HELL do those leaders do these ******** ****** ****** ... 6 months later it was ME doing the exact same things fully knowing why they had to be done :lol: ...

    To make things more clear... Imagine... that no GM would ever be rude? What kind of an impression would that send to the TF2 community? How many fights would we have avoided if none of us resorted to getting personal? The solution is quite simple. Follow the bylaws. "I have a dream..."

  13. Re: Relax... Clear your thoughts.

  14. Re: Relax... Clear your thoughts.

    There is some irony here.

    You say "this isn't kindergarten" and then you go on to say "well if you don't like someone then it sucks to be you and you better deal with it".

    If you have a problem with someone and if both parties want to change that then a change in behaviour or communication has to be made at both sides. It can't be like "you have a problem with me? Well then you better change to someone who doesn't". If you respect the other person (which I hope you do if you're in a clan) then you have to look at yourself as well.
  15. eoN

    Re: Relax... Clear your thoughts.

    To be honest the bylaws need re written a bit because there are some people in GM because they want to be in a fun clan not all want to be in a team as i first thought when i joined

    The bit i mean is highlighted


    Or am i under a false impression that the squads are meant to be for competitive gaming... Seriously i think the leaders need to talk about what they think GM should be, personally i want it to be a fun clan with competitive teams / squads (how ever you want to word it) but i don't know if there should be squads of people that don't want to play competitively or not, that is the reason why some of the Z and F players moan at E, because some are under the impression that E is a 'competitive squad' but doesn't practice much as a team and from what I've seen E does not strive to be a ETF2L team.

    Do you see where I'm coming from, I'm just confused whether the squads should only be for competitive players or should there be a squad for everyone. There was the idea to make a 'Casual' squad and I think the leaders need to decide are squads for 6v6 competitive players who want to play competition level or are they for everyone.

    Also on another subject(ish)
    The reason why squads recruit others that are not in clan is because they need players who want to play ETF2L etc and i think this should be allowed completely, only one person has been recruited by a team and that was Walking-Target, seriously its not his responsibly to talk to everyone in the clan etc and hes not a PUB player, he plays 6v6, and if someone in the clan wants to get to know / talk to him its THEIR responsibility to do that, NOT his.

    Also GM needs to decide whether they want to recruit for skilled players or for fun players because at the moment they are saying "We want skilled players that play lots of PUGs" but yet when they get them just because they don't play PUBs people are saying they shouldn't be in the clan. Seriously... think about it. And if you don't get along with them that's your problem it doesn't mean they are bad people, i don't get on with everyone in this clan should they all be kicked out because I don't get along with them, no they shouldn't. If you think someone is annoying or whatever bitch about them to the leaders and if lots do that then the leaders will probably remove them, just because one person doesn't get on with them doesn't give them the right to not allow them in the clan.
  16. Re: Relax... Clear your thoughts.

    I have no problem with Walking Target, i'm saying people can get in that other people do not like
  17. eoN

    Re: Relax... Clear your thoughts.

    I understand what you mean but i think this shouldn't stop people from getting in, AT LEAST for ETF2L, maybe, as I've said several times, the teams should be able to recruit for competitions only and the people that join would only have access to the community forum and their teams forum then after the competition, if they still wish to be apart of GM, they would have to create a membership request like everyone else.

    No one has said whether or not this is a good idea so please give me reasons why it is and why it isn't, thanks.
  18. Re: Relax... Clear your thoughts.

    I actually like your idea, eon
  19. eoN

    Re: Relax... Clear your thoughts.

    Thank you, any leaders want to implement it?

    PS Walking Target is already a full member of the clan and is a lovely guy so just incase anyone thinks im talking about him with my idea for this system the answers no he is already in GM like everyone else.
  20. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: Relax... Clear your thoughts.

    I think squads being able to fast-track "pros" into the clan is awful (Edit: Because good pub players are unlikely to be fast-tracked by a team, meaning that they are penalised by the system), but as I had previously suggested, having a seperate group for such intermediary members could be a solution, yeah.
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