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  1. Over the past seven weeks, I have represented GM in the ETF2L gaming league. I participated in the ‘6v6’ tournament, also known as ‘6s’. It is basically where teams of 6 compete against other teams, usually on ‘5 cp’ maps. For each match, you play two maps, with a ‘golden cap’ round if there is a draw. This is basically a one win round, to help eliminate draws. Each season, you play seven organised matches, against teams of equal skill level. During these weeks, you must practice with your team, to grow team chemistry.

    So, you may be thinking, what’s the point? Well, you get rewarded in many ways. Firstly, you get an in-game medal, that recognises your participation in the event. Secondly, you get to meet a whole range of people. For example our team mentor was a premiership player, known as CeeJaey. He obviously has a lot of experience, therefore he was able to guide us on certain maps and plays. Each game I played I met people with a similar passion for the game, inspiring me to play well. Finally, I was able to promote our servers, increasing the number of new players coming to them. Combined, my recruitment posts were viewed nearly 1000 times.

    By the end of the league, our team won 3, lost 3 and drew 1. We came 34th out of the 86 teams that entered. I thoroughly enjoyed playing and I would definitely recommend it for people who want to step up their game. If you are interested in playing, just send me a message or visit for more information.

    Also, you can view our teams profile here:

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