Requesting to expand my admin powers

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  1. Requesting to expand my admin powers

    Hello fellow gamers.

    I was playing with a clan named (AIDS) and they were very rude. THey called me names and accused me for being a cheater since they didint know I was admin. They even abused other players and many of the rules such as ammo hoarding. I banned them both for a week. Still I think that this so called (AIDS) clan should not be allowed to enter ANY GM server EVER again. I think you guys can agree on this. Right?

    As admin I sometimes feel like I dont have enough "powers" to control the server. The standard Kick/ban (time ban only)/mute, isint enough for me.
    For instance, I cant even trigger map votes etc. I even cant perm ban people. very frustrating sometimes.

    Therefore I request full admin powers. Such as slapping/slaying/Map votes/perm ban and so on.
    ty 4 your time.
  2. eoN

    Re: Requesting to expand my admin powers

    Just ask one of the leaders tbh, and slap etc is kinda useless it usually just gets abused because there is no use for it *cough* bun *cough*, the same with slay
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    Its a way to punish without kicking or baning for a small amount of time.
    For example if someone is reconnecting everytime they spawn as zombie. Slay would fit perfect. If someone is stuck a slap could help them right?
    Still I get your point.
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    *clears throat* well, I slap them first :P then kick/ban.
  5. eoN

    Re: Requesting to expand my admin powers

    From my experience slapping just pisses the person off and causes them to get more argumentative so i would say its best not to.
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    Well depends on what they done to the servers. IF bad then they deserve a real slap!! (especially to those racism and cheaters)
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    eoN, perhaps u can tell me which leader I should turn to?
  8. eoN

    Re: Requesting to expand my admin powers

    Darki or Core or Myke or Pissmidget.

    To be honest i would talk to Darki as seen as he does the server changes (from what ive seen)

    But either way you will probably have to wait for all the leaders to post on your application if they decide to vote for it in the leader section but i dont know how they do it.

    Just whoever you have on your friends list ask ;)
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    Thanks, this was all the info I needed and asked for. :)

    EDIT: Just 2 b clear, I dont want access to rcon.
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    I find it funny your telling me what to do in a "server crisis" when I didint asked for it. Spamming in any way is a violation of server rules. You as a leader should know this. The only error Cutemup made was not to tell you b4 he kicked you. Still he was right, you were wrong.

    Remember Im 20 years old. Ive been around for a long time. Long before you.
  11. Re: Requesting to expand my admin powers

    Since you have removed you post I cant quote exactly what you said. Still the whole point of having admins is for them to be able to handle these kind of situations themselves. I wont ask for help with something I can and should be able to solve myself.
    Its not only what you said, its how much you said. There was no need for it.
    And please dont point fingers. Tom is a great asset for GM, a good programmer, a great player and a good admin. Hes even a good friend.
    Tom never tells me what I should and should not do. So I wont tell him what to do. Its as easy as that.
  12. eoN

    Re: Requesting to expand my admin powers

    From what ive seen (didnt see the original post, but ive seen the rest) i think that you (all of GM no only including admins (also none GM admins)) should ALL lead by example, you cant say to someone no playing music over mic when you where doing it yourself the day before, its just hypocritical and they will say "But an admin was doing it yesterday" or whatever and then it just turns into a stupid fight, the rules are final and i dont really think it matters if your a leader or if its your first time playing the game, i do think however people should be warned but NOT if they are an admin, as an admin you represent GM even if you arent in the clan, by breaking the rules yourself it just makes all the other admins look bad.

    I personally dont think someone that has to enforce the rules should get a warning. They shouldnt need one and if they do then they shouldnt be admin... if im being completely honest.
  13. Re: Requesting to expand my admin powers

    Dude, you clearly dont understand what Im saying.
    If I dont have some commands I cant punish/act in the right way. And I dont want to ask another admin for help with the most simple tasks which I should b able to do myself.
    THATS what Im saying.
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    Ty for making my point more clear.
  15. Re: Requesting to expand my admin powers

    It was a answer to what you said before, in the post that you removed. Ofc its hard for you to keep track of what you say when you remove it. It does not make it easier when you take things out of its context either.
    Well, good that you understand now. :lol:
  16. Re: Requesting to expand my admin powers

    To save the leaders the time to post here let me tell you something about admins

    Kick/Ban/Mute are the basic command and is enough to keep the server "idiot free"

    The other commands are totally useless, they are:

    Burn/Blind/Beacon/Drug/Noclip/Slap/Slay and many more that I have forgotten.

    However , I would think limited admins should have "Map Change" to change maps.

    My point is, you have nothing to do with more. Just kick them if they screw up
  17. Re: Requesting to expand my admin powers


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