Reset hlstatsx?

Discussion in 'Server/Website Chat' started by Core, 4 Dec 2008.


Reset hlstatsx?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

  1. Reset hlstatsx?

    How would you feel about having hlstatsx reset and starting afresh with the latest hlstatsx community edition ?
  2. Re: Reset hlstatsx?

    lol, xo won't be happy. :|

    well it doesn't matter as it not a life threat thingy.
    it just game points.
  3. eoN

    Re: Reset hlstatsx?

    Couldn't give two poops :P


    Seriously though how can you have fun when people want to keep good scores ;)
  4. Re: Reset hlstatsx?

    yea I mention dat b4, dats why not everyone plays on the fun server cos of points.

    I'd play today btw :P
  5. eoN

    Re: Reset hlstatsx?

    Yeah :D would be alot better with no rank because we can recruit by KpD if they can just go on the fun server as demo and camp corners (VERY easy) and just get like a kpd of like 5.

    + its just not fun :(
  6. XOo

    Re: Reset hlstatsx?

    I really dont care anymore I don´t play on the GM server that much so u can reset them if u like i dont care :D
  7. Re: Reset hlstatsx?

    great xo, ye i know l4d <3

    btw it would be alot easier for dark i bet.
    as it's a fresh start, without adding any old data.
  8. Re: Reset hlstatsx?

    How about I port over the players and playeruniqueids tables, and leave all the fancy stuff because IIRC it was where problems occurred :)
  9. eoN

    Re: Reset hlstatsx?

    I wish people that voted Yes/No would start saying why in a post... Makes it a lot easier to make a decision and how are you ment to get anyone else to agree if they have no idea of your reasons >_>
  10. Robbiebob Non Verba, Sed Acta

    Re: Reset hlstatsx?

    +1 :D
  11. Re: Reset hlstatsx?

    I was first who voted yes :)~

    UPD: Seems yes will win...
  12. Re: Reset hlstatsx?

    Good point :)
  13. XOo

    Re: Reset hlstatsx?

    well I put alot of work in the stats to, but now I´am playing l4d and other servers so if i keep going like I was playing then after like 2 weeks or so i would have 200 k :D but I quit playing medic and I´am not playing that much sniper and I´am playing scout for now.
  14. Re: Reset hlstatsx?

    You can easily port over from HLStatsX to HLStatsXCE keeping all your existing stats, and psychonic is making some very nice updates to it (v1.5 will have L4D Support) quite often.
  15. Re: Reset hlstatsx?

    We tried and it didn't really work out, even after making countless changes to the database :(

    I'll try again with just the main databases - no chat logs, events, class history etc.

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