respawn on Glodrush servers

Discussion in 'Server/Website Chat' started by Reverend, 15 Jun 2008.

  1. Reverend lame

    respawn on Glodrush servers

    Many ppl hate time of resp on this map, i think its too long ( sometimes more then 15 sec )

    will be nice have short time for resp
  2. Re: respawn on Glodrush servers

    No, Short respawn times make attacking way way too hard. You got it wrong - I was implying to you about the exact opposite when I spoke about it to you at this server! What I was implying is that dustbowl server should have also the longer respawn times to make it flow.

    See, Longer respawn times = GOOD

    This is what makes the server great and why I play at GM goldrush - the game actually progresses to 2nd and 3rd stage, unlike in servers like GTFO where it always just jams the first stage because instarespawn makes offence next to impossible because whatever you do the def will be up in a heart beat again. So please consider raising the respawn times in dustbowl server.

    Also, what I would also like is class limits to maybe snipers and engineers atleast. I often see servers with 4 snipers on the offence who don't care anything about the objective of the game.
  3. Reverend lame

    Re: respawn on Glodrush servers

    my mystake.. but i think short resp will be nice xD :lol: :lol:
  4. Re: respawn on Glodrush servers

    We had this discussion b4 too. :roll:

    The leaders won't change it, as it's fine like it is. We all doing well with it.

    Would be great to have class limit. It crazy when there's 7 snipers :o
  5. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: respawn on Glodrush servers

    I already asked Darkie if we could put a class restriction on Pyro for the main servers when the update hits.
    He said it was a possibility. The only other class that might need restricting is medic (I often see 6 medics all trying to heal one person).
  6. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: respawn on Glodrush servers

    I have to agree. I've seen the offense pin the defense down in the defending team's own respawn room WAAAAY too often.

    Here, here! Doing this would make the games much less noobular and way more fun, imho.

  7. Bun

    Re: respawn on Glodrush servers

    Class limits would be awesome. They ruin fun thing like pyro rush and spy rush though. :3
  8. Re: respawn on Glodrush servers

    No class limit, please!
    I've played on servers with one and it is so annoying if you can't become sniper, for instance, because some noob is already playing it. You know he is Never going to hit anything anyways, and tbh sniping the first cap on DB stage one can be Awesome.
  9. Re: respawn on Glodrush servers

    than play it the other way round.
    Playing soldier is just fun if you can do some rocket jumping here and there, but on goldrush you don't even get to the point of jumping somewhere because one of the 5 snipers will hit you before...

    Snipers ruin the game!!!! Too much spys and engies as well.
    I don't have a problem with pyro rushes. A fight against a pyro is a fair fight. A fight against a sentry or a sniper is a sucking fight.
  10. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: respawn on Glodrush servers

    Waaaaah! Cry some more!

    Expand your skill set, noob. :lol:

  11. Re: respawn on Glodrush servers

    let's assume a 12 player team. I'd say class limits should be
    max 3 Medics
    max 3 Pyros (will be necessary...)
    max 2 Snipers.

    Means 8/12 are given, rest may do what they want.
  12. Re: respawn on Glodrush servers

    I personally don't see why pyro-restriction would be necessary. The efficiency of having more pyros is descending - I see pyro more as psychological weapon than immense killer since pyro really stands no chance in it's current form against soldiers/heavies, having difficulties even with demos. Maybe valve will improve it, we'll see.

    Imo engineers should be on restricted class list the foremost. 3 should be plenty. DB second stage with 4 turrets needs so much team effort to break it would fail 99times out of 100 on pubs.

    The only thing that worries myself about having limits is the element that dudes with faster PC's will occupy the more wanted classes and slower pc-people have to take what's left. One server I was had some sort or random selection system, but dunno if the pros outwave the cons.
  13. Re: respawn on Glodrush servers

    It will be necessary when the new class update is out and everyone wants to get the pyro achievements. Thats why weabi listed the pyro i think.


    I'm gonna leave the clan, if we do that!
  14. Re: respawn on Glodrush servers

    If the achievements are like medic's in the fashion of lit 40 dudes in fire with one life or kill 999.999 heavies with axe i think a lot of peps will resort to achievement servers, I know I will. I hope they would put more effort in transforming shotgun to something more creative and 'pyro-like', like pyro used to have weak RL with DoT in some fortresses... also being in fire could have more impact on one's vision, now it's like you lit someone in fire, he just kills you and continues like nothing happened.
  15. Re: respawn on Glodrush servers


    I think pyro has the problem, that there are very little really good players out there. If seen a few pyros that really kicked ass, but most of the players just run at you while fully in your fov, which normally ends bad for the pyro. Anyway, no matter how much players will use achievement servers or not, there will be far more pyros on the servers than atm. You are right, pyro has to be improved the same way demoman has to be weakened.

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