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    Rocking Fortress

    Spy sappin' mah sentry!
    Ever had Team Fortress 2's character voices stuck in your head, after hours of playing this awesomeness of a game? Well, Koolfox have got a very creative way to express it, with a 13 songs album which most of them have TF2's vocals, From Pyro to Medic, they're all here, rocking together.
    Also including two bonus songs - Super Mario World - Overworld remix and a song featuring Dinoracha himself.

    [album front] [album back]
    Song list:

    1. Rocking Fortress
    2. kA BoOm Part 1
    3. kA BoOm Part 2
    4. I'm Drunk
    5. AnA HaNa Ha ! Part 1
    6. AnA HaNa Ha ! Part 2
    7. Go !
    8. kA BoOm Org.V
    9. End Credits
    10. Still Alive(TF2)
    11. It's Down !
    12. As Bullet As Fire
    13. T.O.P (The Original Part)
    Bonus songs:
    14. Of Doom (Featuring Dinoracha)
    15. Super Mario World - Overworld Remix

    download -

    funny :D
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    Re: Rocking Fortress

    no comment?:cry:
  3. Reag My name is an anagram for a reason

    Re: Rocking Fortress

    I remember this, never really liked it though.
  4. Re: Rocking Fortress

    I like the "Still alive" one! It's really awesome! xD Haha!

    I hate you for this though -- all their voices are going to be in my head all night now!!! >.<

    :suicide: :suicide: :suicide:
  5. Re: Rocking Fortress

    I like the song " Still Abonk" , it's just like the song "Still Alive" BUT EVERY NOTE IS A BONK!!!11!!11ONE

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