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  1. Rotation Maps Server

    Rather then voting on the rotation server, can't we just please have some standard maps which rotate....?

    1 Grannary
    2 Gravel Pit
    3 Badlands
    4 Basin
    5 Turbine (maybe?)

    I have gone with some standard TF2 match maps list (I think) which would be a good practice area for the up and coming teams.

  2. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Rotation Maps Server

    I don't know how to disabled the voter, darki will have to do this.
  3. Re: Rotation Maps Server

    6. fastlane
    7. goldrush

    disco u mean servers with no custom maps, just official maps. and rotate in a order?

  4. Re: Rotation Maps Server

    You're not going to find Badwater/Goldrush being played in any matches soon :/

    I would suggest:

  5. Re: Rotation Maps Server

    nice one i think this would be a great idea,
    as for the actual rotation i prefer piss's :roll: with the exception of fastlane
    (am i the only one who doesn't like fastlane :o ?)
  6. Re: Rotation Maps Server

    then again it isnt all about matches =) with 24 players and normal respawn, dustbowl/goldrush/badwater is quite a challenge to defend.
    definately agree on the maps tho, they are all great in some way =)

    if we limit the rounds to 2 rounds (1 attack, 1 defend). itll give a chance for everyone and it wont get boring as the maps keep changing + its a lot less repitive, tedious, blah de blah as alot of ppl are finding 24/7 dustbowl. keeps the train going and if ppl dont like a map, they no it wont go on for ages
  7. Re: Rotation Maps Server

    Fastlane is an awesome map although it does have its problems - the re-spawn times are a bit messed up, as are the time it takes to cap some of the points. These are being dealt with in a community attempt to make the map more balanced (kind of CP_Pro_Fastlane...) but it's not finished yet.
  8. Re: Rotation Maps Server

    I put Badwater map in for abit of light gaming relief, and it's a great map to play ;)

    How about we take out Fastlane for the time being and replace with Badwater, and go with the amended Pissmidgets map list?

    And yes John, all standard maps which the general TF2 public will recognise, to bring the masses to our servers! :)

  9. Th-

    Re: Rotation Maps Server

    I would go with Pissmidget's list but add the Badwater.

    Soon we will start an effort in our private community to populate this server regularly. We will need everyone's participation.

    Further updates as we get them.
  10. Re: Rotation Maps Server

    Leave in Fastlane and add Badwater. Job done.
  11. Knud Phat beats only

    Re: Rotation Maps Server

    Well, I like all suggested maps honestly. Recently I try to play some more fastlane, its quite fun, especially for practice some spy skills :)

    And some payload map is always welcome.
  12. Ash

    Re: Rotation Maps Server

    Try for ages to get the server populated and then pretty much everytime the votemap at end of round is all arena maps and the server empties in seconds.. even if the final maps for the server haven't been decided for rotation can we get the votemap at end to have a bit more variation then all arena maps all the time? ;o
  13. Re: Rotation Maps Server

    Don't change the map to arena on #4 - it executes a different config and loads a different mapcycle file.

    If you find the server on an arena map either tell an admin with RDP to restart it or "rcon quit" it.
  14. Th-

    Re: Rotation Maps Server

    Can you write a script that puts the maps still not played in that rotation to the vote? Currently we have about 8 maps, and once the rotation has started a new map is voted in the end of each. The options would in this case start with the next 4-5 maps but in the end with 4-3-2 options and no vote after the second last map, thus ensuring that all maps are played?

    Reasoning for this is that each map is fun to play, but currently only the most popular maps are chosen according to the voting (could we have log to verify this?). The suggested script would have all maps eventually played/explored, which was the initial purpose of creating the rotation server. The other option would be to settle with a single rotation and remove the voting, but I'd rather keep it since it will change the map that is more likely liked at that specific time, as opposed to a random map that is next on the list.
  15. Ash

    Re: Rotation Maps Server

    Way back in the days of TFC my clan server had a script that played 1st map from the rotation list.. then next map was decided by vote.. then next map was the 2nd map on rotation list, then next map was decided by vote, then next map was 3rd on rotation list. Just kept alternating between rotation list and mapvote.. made sure every map was played and that people got to play their favourite maps as well.

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