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Discussion in 'Server/Website Chat' started by lGMl Noob M8, 11 Jan 2017.

  1. lGMl Noob M8 Jsut bad at englis

    Put the rules in chat, no one seems to read the fucking motd, and it's like there are no rules.

    Maybe they show up ever minute. So people know the rules.
  2. What do you mean "it's like there are no rules"?
    Hackers get reported.
    Mic/Chat spammers get reported.
    Exploiters get reported.
    Am I missing something? What are the other rules that are being broken? (Killing friendlies is not against the rules)
    A lot of daily players in orange have admins in friends list or at least know how to use dsock, you should use dsock too then.
    These rules spammed every minute would be more annoying and inconvenient for the players.
  3. Langers I empty heads and fill landfills.

    They're clearly stated on the "motd".

    If people don't want to take 5 seconds to read them, it's their lookout.

    Ignorance is not an adequate defence, even if it is bliss.
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  4. -M-m- herpderp

    Id like to see no chatspam in the chat at least as that seems to be the thing repeated the most & the most missed thing in the motd.
    Maybe find a plugin that allows people to write !rules & it opens a bunch of text that shows all the rules ?

    Several people i've reminded in the past had never seen the rules as they had turned off html motd's or had a low graphics config that turned it off completely.
  5. I mean mate, you were like champion chat spam

    Maybe has changed but dayum it was pretty crazy
  6. DrunkPug Lazy? I prefer the term selective participation

    I don't think putting the rules in chat is such a great idea. I mean for one we've just sorted out sv_tags spam and like Langers stated; if they don't read the motd they have themselves to blame when they're getting kicked for chat spam.
  7. LewyJudge12 I hate 90% of you

    Cant we just have a plug in that stops the same message being sent a certain amount of times in a minute, hour etc?? With a message in chat for that person when they try it saying something like "You cannot send this message again for 53 seconds" or whatever?

    I mean I guess people would just add a space or a full stop or something but its a quick way around bind spams and stuff

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