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  1. S4League

    S4League (Stylish eSper Shooting Sports) is the most awesome game for pc ever. :3
    So if you're looking the way to play with someone that pwns everyone (we're talking about me), join S4 and whisper me: EnglishGuy. We can play a "community match" if everyone's ready. Here, check it out:

    PS. BagnoGamer is always on the top of scoreboard, ALWAYS. (Well, almost. Sometimes i'm 2nd.)
    Fact: Bagno's character is exactly the same as the first girl on the movie (this with green clothes).
    PSS: We're not playing DM, only touchdown.
  2. Re: S4League

    Oh I remember this game. It really is pretty cool, quite similar to Gunz. I couldn't really play it though, I kept having 700+ ping. That aside, you should give it a shot. :D

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