SA:MP Hosting?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Dark, 14 Oct 2008.


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  1. SA:MP Hosting?

    I just had a great idea - we could use the spare bandwidth on the dedi to start a SA:MP host :D

    SA:MP servers use literally 0% CPU (just passing packets between clients and running simple scripts) and ~5kb/s per slot - I can see us hosting thousands of slots with no loss of performance anywhere. :D

    Also, £10 per month for a 200-slot server would be a highly competitive price, and so just 10 servers would pay for our dedi hosting and then some :D

    And of course, I can write up the necessary scripts to automate signup processes, handle billing and provide an admin panel etc. :)
  2. eoN

    Re: SA:MP Hosting?

    First of all check if your allowed to by Tigit because they might not allow it.
  3. Re: SA:MP Hosting?

    5k/s is about as much as tf2 (6-7 there iirc), so :P
  4. eoN

    Re: SA:MP Hosting?

    Im meaning renting out their server

    You need to make sure your allowed and if you are there might be royaltys or something i dont really know but its best to be sure
  5. Re: SA:MP Hosting?

    Yeah on second thoughts - maybe not.

    It's worth remembering that in the future we could purchase a second dedi entirely for this purpose, with the aim of raising enough money to pay for both dedis :D
  6. Re: SA:MP Hosting?

    Yeah I'll resurrect it eventually :P (although that might not be until 0.3)

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