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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by sandman1985, 8 Jul 2008.

  1. Sandman Travels

    I, Sandman, hereby proclaim my travellings from hometown of Russia (England) to Portugal (Portugal) in Europe for vacationings. Sasha will stay by my side on trip, and so all you BAYBEEZ will have to make do without for 9 days! I think you are going to need much bigger guns! I think I hear someone making diaper changing station!
    Be back on the 19th July.
    Cya later lads (and lasses) Have fun! 8-)

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    enjoy it.
  3. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: Sandman Travels

    Have a good one sandy :P
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    Noooo, Sasha stay here, F needs you...

    Enjoy your trip, and don't get backstabbed in russia ;)
  5. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Sandman Travels

    Doesn't the plane already have a diaper changing station? :D

    Have fun!

    Come back in once piece. :D
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    Have fun! Draw us a SASHA in the sand ;p
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    The guys told me what your SASHA was. I must admit it's the first time i have heard it been called that before!

    Have fun in the sun buddy, but don't play with your SASHA in public, i don't think it's allowed over there :o

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    Thanks guys, twas great fun, very hot. Didn't go to the beach in the end though...
    Took a coach to Gibraltar, legendary rock.
    Sasha has not been used whatsoever in the last ten days, it's ridiculous, my Sasha-aiming-hand is weakened and needs training again :lol:
    Good to be back

  9. Re: Sandman Travels

    Welcome back sand :)
  10. Re: Sandman Travels

    y0 Welcome back Sasha!
    F needs reinforcement -> good that you're back
  11. Bun

    Re: Sandman Travels

    Welcoma back Sandman! ^^

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