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  1. Th-

    Scout friendly server

    Its a fair bet to assume scout will be played a lot more in the next weeks than before. I was thinking of a server with settings and maps specifically chosen to give good opportunities for people to play scout in the normal public games. What do you think would be the best maps and settings?

    My thoughts:
    No random crits (not big surprise from me)
    Reduced damage spread
    -granary (space, scout friendly terrain, capture points, lots of routes)
    -badlands (same as granary)
    -gravelpit (same as granary)
    -steel (same as granary + varied spaces, lots of more flanking opportunities and possibility to environmental deaths)
    -fastlane (same as granary)

    -badwater (lots of space, payload, vertical variance)
    -goldrush (lots of routes, payload, but also many choke points)
    -new VALVe payload map (obviously since its new)

    -turbine (ctf, bonuses from scouts movement speed and jumps)
    -ctf_well (water, intel, friendly terrain for scouts)

    Some people will certainly play scout to get achievements on "achievement servers" which I won't support. Hopefully most will be playing them the way they are meant to be played, as part of normal public servers. Too bad we don't have too many ctf options.

    What do you think guys?
  2. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Scout friendly server

    So, basically #4 but with the new payload map?

    Scouts can play on #4 if they want this kind of setup, we don't need another rotation server.
  3. Re: Scout friendly server

    Problem with those maps are.. that people keeps killing the fun.. by camping the points with 1k sentrys....

    To make it fun.. engineer cap = 0.. when the patch is out.. lot more skilled battles btw our new weapons.
  4. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Scout friendly server

    Honestly no server should be friendly to *JUST* the class that has new achievements, gameplay should remain unaltered after any update. People should be able to do what they like, Class limits ruin the game.

    I hardly think a Bonk-fest will involve any skill TBH...
  5. Re: Scout friendly server

    Engineer cap... not all classes.. ... .. ..
  6. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Scout friendly server

    Engineer is a class...

    Enginieer cap = Class limit(s).
  7. Re: Scout friendly server

    as much as a scout fanatic i am... not betraying them or anything :P but i agree with Geiti

    nothing needs to change really, remember... these new unlocks were to assist on maps such as Dustbowl/Goldrush where sentry spam and chokepoints kill scouts.

    that being said, if u wanna make the most of scout you gotta experience all situations good & bad - like with any other class

    EDIT: lol spyko... u didnt... dumdidum ;)...
  8. Re: Scout friendly server

    its not about scout only.. its about these maps being complete stupid on public servers.. what is the engineer cap atm?
  9. Re: Scout friendly server

    There isn't one - that's why you get 3 engies camping spire and balcony on Badlands and gg.
  10. Cookiecaster |/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\

    Re: Scout friendly server

    couldnt u add the new maps also.. updated Egypt and the updated Fastlane
  11. Re: Scout friendly server

    +1 - Same here D:

    Oh well at least I've got a decent achievements plugin and map which Geit and I put together based on some shitheap from fpsbanana that I can put up on a passworded server or something. :)
  12. Th-

    Re: Scout friendly server

    You raised a good point there, Overdrive, that the scout (or any class) should be played in all conditions (maps in this case).

    Considering that, I'd like to note that before people get to complete achievements and get new unlocks they need to play the class first. Having a server with settings to help that is a plus, which doesn't mean what Geit is trying to say that the server would be meant for scouts. They are meant for all classes as they are daily, with some emphasis on not having special hindrance for scouts. Each of the maps mentioned are good for public games, but they also fit to scout's role better than some other maps, like Dustbowl and Hydro.

    When people want to play those maps, they just need to join another server.

    I do somewhat agree to Kj that excluding engineers (sentryguns) would make the games very different in a positive way, it would definitely be something we could experiment. However the sentry has an important role in any game, and it is possibly the best counter for a scout. I believe that since most understand this, during the scout rush-hours players concentrate more on getting the sentries down. I hope they will start coordinating their movements and teamplay more.

    So I take it the first sentence means you are not planning on a scout-achievement server? Good, I appreciate that.

    About the latter part... people are allowed to say anything they want on our forums as long as they are reasonable and have thought out arguments. I'd like to hear your reasoning behind the latter statement.

    I'd ask you not to do this. We want to encourage certain kind of TF2 experience which includes completing achievements on regular servers, not farming them on achievement boxes. I wouldn't want GM to be included in that list. Thoughts, leaders?

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