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  1. Screenshots!

    Screenshot thread had to be done;

    epic barricade in the garage on cabin by me, E and sprent

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  2. Bun

    Re: Screenshots!

    Oh, nice. ;O
  3. Re: Screenshots!


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  4. Re: Screenshots!

    I know who is this!11oneoneone... :lol: xDD

    P.s. click on image to know more about him...
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    That made me laugh...

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  6. Re: Screenshots!

    LoL shotgun shield DEFEND ME FROM ZOMBIES!!!

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  7. Re: Screenshots!

    You like confuse people? (You can get spray here)

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    Funny... zps_hunted:

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    Ping lol...

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  10. Re: Screenshots!

    Tails model was deleted 31 August... (strange i remember the date x))
  11. Re: Screenshots!

    Yeah I deleted it.. for a reason.

    Only admins can use that and when they do other people cannot see the difference between Human or Zombie as there is only one look.
  12. Re: Screenshots!

    Btw about human and zombie, i could configurize plugin to make it only available for human-admin. :P
  13. Re: Screenshots!

    It's not really upto me anymore but I just don't really see the point of it ?

    And also adding it for "admins" is just simply unfair towards "non-admins"
  14. Re: Screenshots!

    Yep i understand that.. also there were no problem making it avaliable for all humans... (even not admins) but don't say now it's useless/unfair to zombies :D
  15. eoN

    Re: Screenshots!

    Okay, are the hitboxes in the normal places? if so thats unfair if they are fitted to the model thats also unfair so lets end this because any skins that are smaller / bigger always give a advantage or a disadvantage to someone.
  16. Re: Screenshots!

    Sounds like you think that i want see that model again on server, i not ask move it back again... I just say that plugins are very customizable xD
  17. eoN

    Re: Screenshots!

    Hehe sorry my bad but you get what i mean if a skin makes a character smaller then people could just hide in smaller bits etc which i would class as cheating :)
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    No comments...

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