Scripting in CoD 4 MW

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Robbiebob, 29 Jul 2009.

  1. Robbiebob Non Verba, Sed Acta

    Scripting in CoD 4 MW

    Hey guys you may or may not have noticed that I recently started playing CoD again and I really like it. On the server where I play I've even become a very limited admin but the servers got some sort of problem... There are 3 rules: No marty, no rpgs and no nadelauncher but a lot of people simply ignore the rules...

    I suggested (because I know A LOT of people here are really good in scripting) to have a plugin scripted which auto-kicks people with the marty or rpg perk, or with nadelaunchers attached to their gun. Does anyone know something about scripting in/for CoD 4 or know even the slightiest thing about it?? Can this be done?

    Plz discuss it here

    Kind regards, Robbie
  2. Bulletproof Last one alive, Lock the door.

    Re: Scripting in CoD 4 MW

    no sorry i play this on ps3 but im a marty noob :) but its diffrent on ps3 no1 owns the servers like
  3. Re: Scripting in CoD 4 MW

    I don't think CoD4 supports server-side mods - I wouldn't be surprised if they ran punkbuster on the server files :P
  4. Knud Phat beats only

    Re: Scripting in CoD 4 MW

    Well, marty I can understand, but RPG or granade launcher (Didnt play in a while, but is there a granade launcher? :$) I dont understand or agree.
    I mean, RPG is funny in close combat, but still requires skill.
  5. Robbiebob Non Verba, Sed Acta

    Re: Scripting in CoD 4 MW

    pb isn't online on that server

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