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Change #4?

  1. To Match Maps

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  2. Keep it the way it is

  3. Add another Dusbowl

  4. Add another Goldrush/Badwater

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  5. 24/7 cp_steel <!-- s:D --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy" /

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  1. Server #4

    I noticed that server #4 (arena server) is always empty so I came up with an idea how to change

    Making it "Match Maps" rotation so people can practice on other maps then Golrush/Badwater/Dustbowl

    That way people can practice on match maps and still be on our servers

    Right I'll just add a poll

    Poll is up for 3 days, and you can't re-vote so watch what you vote.
  2. Re: Server #4

    Easy.. voted for match maps.. OFC
  3. Re: Server #4

    Yeah but I just wanted to see if other people's had opinion on this before doing anything...

    Edit: Stickied
  4. Re: Server #4

    Match Maps ;)

    24 players btw
  5. Re: Server #4

    Match Maps 4tw give recruits a change to practice ......

    if you want to populate these maps you are going to have to do something, like make a special fight training recruitment night like monday for example, advertise and try and get all the regulars on. Make it an event of the week!

  6. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: Server #4

    But I like arena....
  7. Re: Server #4

    24/7 cp_steel definitely :D

    That map pwns :D
  8. Re: Server #4

    Darki you Id1ot..

    Now the votes reseted and no 24/7 cp_steel wont happen... Match Maps it is...
  9. Re: Server #4

    match maps, 16slot, crits off engi, pyro, sniper limit 2
  10. Re: Server #4

    Match maps will fail :(

    But if it doesn't then sure it'd be great :D
  11. Re: Server #4

    you right, but we(some GMs) gotta be there to get it filled up.

    if ya switch it to dustbowl, it will be full in the evenings
  12. Re: Server #4

    since the arena server can be full quite fast, i changed the #1 so far. If you absolutely dislike it, then we'll see.

    VOTEABLE, 25 mins timelimit, 24 players, no crits.
    Need moar? QQ me.
  13. Re: Server #4

    Looks sweet, thanks for doing it :)
  14. Re: Server #4

    Excellent, thanks :)
  15. Re: Server #4

    I haven't seen arena full in ages - maybe we could try a 24/7 cp_steel, just for the fun of it :D
  16. Re: Server #4

    match maps for the win =)
    just sad i can't play till thursday.
  17. Re: Server #4

    Unstickied for now - #1 became the match maps server, while #4 has been converted to a 24/7 fastlane/steel server <3 :D
  18. eoN

    Re: Server #4

    Fastlane and steel suck *cough* 8-)
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