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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Kaka, 21 Feb 2009.

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    Lo all!

    I just wanted to raise the issue about our server admins and if we have any sort of policy regarding who gets to be one, or if all it takes is asking. It seems to me that we have an enormous amount of admins (I could be wrong, but I'm just going by what I've seen) and I'm not sure it's such a good thing.

    The servers, particularly dustbowl, have lots of admin activity; lots of voting, scrambling, melee modes, admin speak, and a lot of the time, it leads to an emptying server. Admins turning crits onoff, admins slapping players, admins changing the map from time to time, admins turning melee mode on/off, admins creating votes over and over even if the vote fails (I've seen this a few times).

    Is it wise to have so many? Or maybe the issue is admins just generally doing too much on the servers. Do we actually have a policy on what the admins do, or who becomes one? Is anyone else slightly bothered by it, other than myself?

    Maybe I'm making an issue out of nothing here, but there seems to be some light admin abuse,not abuse in the context of using it for personal gain, or trying to ruin people's fun, but just...over-using their powers and generally not showing a lot of restraint.


    Edit: Team scramble seems to be the most abused. Losing two maps in a row DOES NOT call for a scramble. Hell, one team actually managing to win three in a row is how the game is MEANT to be played. It's the purpose of an attacking try to win. So many times, especially over the last two weeks or so, I've seen team scrambles after Stage 1 or Stage 2, if Blu or Red manages to simply attack or defend successfully. Scramble is there, in my opinion, to mix up the teams if there is an extreme amount of stacking going on, OR if one team has thoroughly had their arses handed to them over a long period of time, NOT after one or two losses. The worst seems to be the scrambles that come up in the middle or after Stage 2, with people not opting to actually finish the series.
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    ANYONE can initate a number of votes - vote scramble/all-talk included. Hence why we see about 10 votes for each of these hour. This is a problem the leaders will address over the next few days :)
  3. Cookiecaster |/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\

    Re: Server Admins

    having alot of admins is ok if you want help in the server.. like you said we have lots of admins in dustbowl.. but they all help out dont they? :P you dont hear much abusive speak or anything against the rules when admins are around really? like dark said in another topic "admins can do votes to help stop emptying the server" (something along those lines ^^) and team scrambling is really needed when a variety of people shout out for scramble not just blu, not just red, but both teams in chat say "can we scramble" "yeah lets scramble" and after the vote the majority vote yes, with the scramble teams vote it helps rage quiting IMO :P but i can understand what you mean by allthis :(
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    Mostly players that do votes, i rarely do votes.
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    i was begging darki for admin a few days ago, now i dont see the point, we have that many admins already so, yeah :D
  6. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Server Admins

    This is the list of admins as it stands:
    "STEAM_0:0:11127607"            "10:z"                // Core
    "STEAM_0:0:17198826"            "10:z"                // Darkimmortal
    "STEAM_0:1:10302418"			"10:z"			   	  // Th
    "STEAM_0:1:336942"              "8:z"                 // Pissmidget
    "STEAM_0:1:16611471"            "8:z"                 // Disco_Indigo
    "STEAM_0:1:6063118"             "8:z"           	  // IAmNomad
    "STEAM_0:0:441968"              "6:bcdefgjk"          // tonk
    "STEAM_0:1:6109218"             "6:bcdefgjk"          // Protantus
    "STEAM_0:0:17477525"            "6:bcdefgjk"          // FastJohn
    "STEAM_0:0:17234644"            "6:bcdefgjk"          // Vacoy
    "STEAM_0:1:19415851"            "6:bcdefgjk"          // iBunny
    "STEAM_0:1:17298704"            "6:bcdefgjk"          // Bluepanther
    "STEAM_0:1:16659580"            "6:bcdefgjk"          // BeauChaotica
    "STEAM_0:1:7772407"             "6:bcdefgjk"          // Anathema
    "STEAM_0:1:17456150"            "6:bcdefgjk"          // sandman1985
    "STEAM_0:0:17234644"            "6:bcdefgjk"          // Vacoy
    "STEAM_0:0:18585626"		    "6:bcdefgjk"	      // Grendal
    "STEAM_0:0:6181021"		        "6:bcdefgjk"	      // YO!Overdrive
    "STEAM_0:1:19038146"		    "6:bcdefgjk"	      // Geitiegg
    "STEAM_0:1:11859631"			"6:bcdefgjk"		  // Tom hackers
    "STEAM_0:1:18930587"			"6:bcdefgjk"          // Benito
    "STEAM_0:1:16520046"			"6:bcdefgjk"		  // djshrew
    "STEAM_0:1:8039094"			    "6:bcdefgjk"		  // Squeakyfleece
    "STEAM_0:1:20503509"			"6:bcdefgjk"		  // Kidcaster
    "STEAM_0:0:8493556"				"6:bcdefgjk"		  // Savage
    "STEAM_0:1:17183191"			"6:bcdefgjk"		  // Apex
    Note that there is no division between the new admins and the senior "trusted admins"

    Needs changing TBH, this is what I came up with, the leaders still have to decide what's going on about admins though, which should happen in the coming days, as pissmidget said.

    "STEAM_0:0:17198826"		"10:z"	//Dark
    "STEAM_0:0:11127607" 	"10:z"	//Core
    "STEAM_0:1:10302418"		"10:z"	//Th
    //Deputy Leaders
    "STEAM_0:1:336942"		"8:z"		//Pissmidget
    "STEAM_0:1:16611471"		"8:z"		//Disco
    "STEAM_0:1:6063118"		"8:z"		//Nomad
    //Trusted Admins
    "STEAM_0:1:6109218"		"6:bcdefghijk"	//Protantus
    "STEAM_0:0:17477525"		"6:bcdefghijk"	//FastJohn
    "STEAM_0:0:17234644"		"6:bcdefghijk"	//Vacoy
    "STEAM_0:0:18585626"		"6:bcdefghijk"	//Grendal
    "STEAM_0:1:19038146"		"6:bcdefghijk"	//Geitiegg
    "STEAM_0:1:11859631"		"6:bcdefghijk"	//Tom hackers
    "STEAM_0:1:16659580"		"6:bcdefghijk"	// BeauChaotica
    "STEAM_0:1:7772407"		"6:bcdefghijk"	// Anathema
    "STEAM_0:1:17456150"		"6:bcdefghijk"	// sandman1985
    //Limited Admins
    "STEAM_0:1:18930587"		"4:bcdgj"		// Benito
    "STEAM_0:1:16520046"		"4:bcdgj"		//djshrew
    "STEAM_0:1:8039094"		"4:bcdgj"		//Squeakyfleece
    "STEAM_0:1:20503509"		"4:bcdgj"		//Kidcaster
    "STEAM_0:0:8493556"		"4:bcdgj"		//Savage
    "STEAM_0:1:17183191"		"4:bcdgj"		//Apex
    //Clan Members

    What the letters mean:
    a 	 Reserved slot access.
    b 	Generic admin; required for admins.
    c 	Kick other players.
    d 	Ban other players.
    e 	Remove bans.
    f 	Slay/harm other players.
    g 	Change the map or major gameplay features.
    h 	Change most cvars.
    i 	Execute config files.
    j 	Special chat privileges.
    k 	Start or create votes.
    l 	Set a password on the server.
    m 	Use RCON commands.
    n 	Change sv_cheats or use cheating commands.
    z 	Magically enables all flags. 
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    Hey Kaka -- you're not alone, but here is a thread that's already addressed a lot of these issues:


    Here's what my input was:

    So as you can see, I'm someone (along with Piss and most of the other people with admin control) who cancels as many of these votes as possible. I personally know exactly what you're saying in reference to the votes (as the one cancelling them so often it gets very troublesome very quickly) and I hope the leaders take away as many of these votes as possible from the general public, and give them more control depending on whether they are in the clan or not ;)

    Anyway, that's my view on all of this :P
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  8. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Server Admins

    We've disabled the "Custom votes" plugin(Player, non-admin votes). They only cause problems, when we've made some changes we might re-enable it. Votes are limited to server admins for the time being.

    Scrambling can be done by typing !scramble
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    Geitiegg (In reference to your earlier comment :P): Don't you think that even if we were restricted to limited server admin that we would need the admin chat? If I need to warn a player as an admin, how can I do that without that access? And in terms of the slaying etc -- what about punishment in game to warn someone that they will be kicked if they continue? IMHO the limited admin would be a good thing in a lot of ways, say for newer admin past this point, but after being given full admin rights I would feel as though something was being taken away from me and that I was being punished for not being a "trusted" admin, but there we go.

  10. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Server Admins

    Unintentional, sorry, all admins *Should* have the chat flag, there is no harm in them not having it. Updated my post.

    "Trusted" might as well mean senior, I personally don't trust everyone on that list, but they know how to treat situations better than the "newbies" I would imagine.

    The list is subject to change and is not final.
  11. Re: Server Admins

    Fair enough then :)

    I just think that as long as we are updated on our positions as admin then I don't see any problems tbh. As long as I can kick/ ban abusers and give them fair warning then that's fine with me ;)

    Well, that and being able to cancel the "scramble" votes etc. :P

  12. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Server Admins

    Scramble votes are gone, they have been replaced with a plugin that requires 65% of the server to type !scramble (or similar keyword) at which point it will use a dynamic scrambling algorithm that doesn't require the game to be restarted and results in greater randomness than "mp_scrambleteams"

    You can only cancel votes with the K (Vote) flag.
  13. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: Server Admins

    wow... scramble teams on the fly? I gots ta try that! :P
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    I personally try and find out what the players want, I try and be reasonable where i can. E.G 3 strikes and then I take action, warn 3 times them instigate an action. (Regardless off situation.) If I am fair/respectful to them I hope that they reciprocate, However there maybe 1 or 2 exception to the rule. E.G Racists!

    P.S personally form the games i have been in i have never foreseen there to be a problem with admin's.

    Somewhere along the line, i think the cheese is slowly slipping off the cracker. As the Heavy would say where did it all go so wrong.....

    umm thought this was sort of relevant....

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