Server Changelog

Discussion in 'San Andreas: Multiplayer' started by Dark, 11 Oct 2008.

  1. Server Changelog


    Renamed "All Out War" - a 7000 line gamemode I wrote about a year ago to "GM GangWars|Stunts". Basically it has gangwars with gangzones, classes and class abilities (mechanics have repair vehicle, suicide bombers have suicide bomb etc.), racing (admins can make races directly from the game) and stunts (over 20 stuntparks and massive (srsly) ramps) :D

    Jumped straight to version 2.2 because when I left AoW, it was at 2.1.


    Added (well, stole :P) /lr - Loop Ramp :D Screenshots: #1, #2

    Also discovered deathmatch commands I don't even remember writing :lol: (/dmon (time in minutes), /dmoff, /fbon (time in minutes), /fboff)

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