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    I throught i extract some info from the "Feeling of Horrible Emptiness" Topic into this one, cause it seams to be important.

    Now my own suggestion:
    servers 1-3 should have votemap running with 6 maps to choose maximum, AND they should also include good preselected custom maps with the right size. Eg server one may host 3 additional custom cp maps with 5 capture points. I personaly would reduce the size of the servers to 12vs12 for the first 3 servers.
    server 4-6 should stay at 16vs16.
    server 7 is just for small maps. I think Korn_Barn would fill itself easier if it wasn't 12vs12. If i see a map with 4/24 in the serverlist i don't join, if i see 4/12 i do join.

    Edit: YES, i wonna get rid of dustbowl and goldrush 24/7 everywhere...
    my goal would be to have one server for each popular gametype and votemap on (not so popular gametypes could be aggregated to one server)

    Edit 2: I didn't think of the order of the servers. I think we have 2 puplic well known ports. I think server 2 and 3. They should host the most popular maps. I don't care about the order.
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  3. Bun

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    I like waebis more though. =/
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    I don't like you anymore!!!
    no, just kidding, this topic is ment for discussion, as long as there is a server with well/granary/badlands i'll be fine. I just like this gametype more then every type else.
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    ok, i'm gonna rewrite it a bit :P

    better? ;)
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    lol ^^
    the layout has to satisfy everyone, not just me. But Server 6 is exactly what i want, (maybe add 3 nice custom maps to it, (i already stumbled across one amazing symmetical CP map, but forgot the name) and this will be the server i'll join, when i'm online.
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    Ok to keep things simple and to keep everything running lag free (btw 6 x 32 slot servers full is really stressing the server)

    How about this?

    1) Officlal/custom maps (32 slots) (auto map votes before the end of the map time)
    2) 24/7 Goldrush (32 slots)
    3) 24/7 Goldrush (32 slots)
    4) 24/7 Dustbowl (32 slots)
    5) 24/7 Dustbowl (32 slots)
    6) Match server (24 slots)

    I'm aiming for a max of 1x 32 slot server per CPU core and I prefer to keep the servers at 32 slots just so that we stay at the top of the internet server list.
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    Less dustbowl/goldrush plz! D:
    Also some 24 slot for some players with bad computers. =)
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    To add into the mix my own suggestions:

    1 all maps votable
    2 cp_dustbowl
    3 pl_goldrush
    4 pl_dustbowl/pl_goldrush rotation
    5 cp_granary/cp_well/cp_badlands votable
    6 match server
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    I know, that goldrush and dustbowl are filled more easily than other maps, but if we remain with 4 server dedicated to these two maps, players will leave again. I start playing more on other servers than on our servers, because i don't wonna play these two maps anymore. And i know of a few other players (non clan players) that feel the same.

    I think having 3 servers for those 2 maps will be enough.
    at least 2 servers should be dedicated to other servers.
    maybe one server for cp maps: granary, well, badlands, gravel_pit, ... (default: the most popular, don't know)
    and one server for the rest: 2fort, hydro, ... (default 2fort)
    both maps with votemap and a few VERY good custom maps. Not more than 7 maps possible to vote for (means 14 maps which are not dustbowl and goldrush). I would still use 24/24 servers. I sort servers by latency not "fillrate".

    best suggestion till now!
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    yep, zero's sounds fine. Maybe make the #1 "more custom than official maps" ;)
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    For now we have gone with:

    This is 198 slots in total

    (the 32 slots bit etc. isn't part of the actual hostname)

    We may also consider changing one of the dustbowls to a map votes server if necessary.
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    I like the idea of more *all map* servers, as there are more people it think who like the vote circulation then playing one map the whole time:)
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    seems to be working well so far
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    I have an idea for server 1.
    Right now, it's the same as ever... the goldrush and dustbowl servers have people playing on them, the others don't. One reason for this problem is, i quess, that server one doesn't have a default map... Who is gonna play on an empty server if he doesn't even know which map it will be. So my suggestion is (i'm not sure if this is possible):

    Make cp_dustbowl the default map on server 1 but don't include it in the voteable maps. A few players join server 1 and play one round dustbowl, and then they have to vote for something else =) *evilgrin*

    And another suggestion:
    When a match starts there is the green text that informs you that you may use the |GM| tag if you wonna support the clan, etc... We could broadcast all our Servers through this mechanism as well, so that people know that there are more GM servers available. ElectroMagnetic^ for instance just knew about 2 servers when he posted his join request.
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    Looks like it's time for me to update the MOTD page :P
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    OK, I've added "How to join GM" and "Reserved Slots" to the MOTD page (which generally looks shit in browsers rather than ingame).

    The prices obviously aren't final and we haven't actually got a system in place to run reserved slots yet :P
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    the "How to join [GM]" part:
    nice so far ;)

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